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  2. Really like to take AZ but the bats went cold the last five games.
  3. That has been gone for years, that was the start of their demise.
  4. It's not getting any newer... The list keeps getting longer.
  5. You’d need a ton of things like that for a 3d printer to pay for itself rather than just buying the replacement parts.
  6. luv old pickups zero maintenance, Bailing wire bondo and used motor oil
  7. how many times you roll the odometer on that rig?
  8. I drive a 96 Ford F150. There are probably 10 little things broken in the cab. Plastic thing that covers the second cigarette lighter. Small piece that locks the something compartment in the arm rest. Plastic thing that slides down the shoulder belt. Passenger side kick panel is splitting. If an extra shows up for coffee tomorrow morning I can print up another cup and saucer. Endless possibilities...
  9. 5's good for me with a half hour meditation every afternoon
  10. Nice price on Minnesota
  11. How you like that RIGGED ending? Can't believe people bet this garbage.
  12. I duked the neighbor kid a hi C. He'll figure just about anything out. Sells printed thermal insulators so he gave me some material for my little project
  13. Biden is the prez like I'm the King of Siam. Louie Dejoy still the PG? Biden knows full well what Dejoy is there for, he don't give a fukk. Scripted bullshit
  14. I think that was all he was waiting for. Biden has made his wish come true.
  15. I think dimensions are available for a lot of common things.
  16. chain his transax to a fukkin rock works pretty good, the only thing you'll hear is the bus after that.
  17. You'd need CAD drawings for any of that stuff.
  18. 3d print the worlds greatest Tuna Melt ever imagined
  19. i got 42 jars and 6 homey d pails of everything but what the fawk i need tho 3D help me outta that pile of trash
  20. she ain't here for you gidgets
  21. That woman would kick the livin shit outta you in 34 seconds. That is one badazz bitch. She gives nary a fukk about you blubbering tighty whitey fukks at all, let alone what you fukkin think.
  22. All that crap. I've thrown out and replaced tons of stuff with a broken little clip, or a missing something that holds the other thing on...
  23. did you know that the US commanded their top flight air force in the American revolution. they dominated if I remember correctly
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