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  2. That’s been the word around here the last few weeks. UCF was supposedly mulling over a move to the Big 12. Looks like Disney/ESPN just wants to destroy the league all together.
  3. It should be the other way around Big12 should be raiding the AAC
  4. Disheartening to hear that the AAC is in on it.
  5. Crazy story. They are pulling the strings to corner the college football market. Evil organization. https://www.kcci.com/article/reports-say-bowlsby-has-evidence-of-espn-attempting-to-break-up-big-12/37160771
  6. Today
  7. You can show her some memes by ZZBottom on TGF
  8. Well shit, I was planning on taking my wife to see ZZ Top next month.
  9. Sums it up nicely.....do not underestimate the power of memes. Memes are a major reason why the truth spreads on social media and other platforms where the audience tends to have short attention spans. It is also why the left continues to lose ground, if you need proof look at the retarded left memes of ZZ, they cant meme.....lefty memes only resonate with lefties while memes from the right strike a chord in the opposition as they reveal the abundant hypocrisy and flawed logic of LIBturd positions.
  10. Yep just a coincidence...lol......The message is simple, dont give up Patriots , keep doing what you need to do on a local level and the Alliance are going to continue to do what they need to do an a national and international level. A few days ago, Scavino posts on Twitter a Patriotic video narrated by TRUMP(Q+) at 9:19 est /21:19 military time Oh by the way Q drop 2119 is a Patriotic Q drop "narrated" by Q+ (one of a realtively small # of drops signed Q+) And just for a little icing on the cake Dan makes the video length 2:19 just to shore up the connection It is amaz
  11. RIP...she died from abundant supidity
  12. Nah, Doc is a shill getting paid bonuses to inject people. You are being played like a chump and dont even realize it pal. Not sure why you want people to take poison when there are so many options available for the majority of people.
  13. Talk about JoeyBagofRocksforBrains. "Paddy is smart and Mike is sharp" But this IS the same guy who thinks there is literally another BLM that helps BLack people.Jaysus Christ What forum is this kid reading
  14. I spray olive oil on it. Then just do salt /pepper/ alleppo chili powder. Lawrys seasoning salt on air fried califlower also Tremendous !
  15. except the post I quoted is from a doctor i have known and respected for 10 years as opposed to a random meme found on sites that support your biased beliefs
  16. The Libs are going nuts over these evil white people celebrating the St. Louis mask mandate getting overturned.
  17. Incorrect. Early polling has Gavin the commie in deep trouble !!!
  18. In mississippi 38 fully vaccinated people have died this month. Not exactly rare is it? Dobbs said 93% of COVID-19 samples analyzed in Mississippi now are the Delta variant, which is twice as contagious as previous variants. The majority of cases, hospitalizations and deaths are among the unvaccinated. Between June 30 and July 27, 96% of individuals who tested positive were unvaccinated, along with 88% of those hospitalized and 82% of COVID-related deaths. But the prevalence of COVID-19 among the unvaccinated is spilling over into the vaccinated population, Dobbs said. Between J
  19. More good news from austrailia - cases still rising and now they have to wear masks outdoors. That should do the trick. UPDATE 1-Sydney posts record daily COVID-19 cases, police powers extended to enforce lockdown Wed, July 28, 2021, 9:06 PM (Recasts with new cases, quote from New South Wales premier) SYDNEY, July 29 (Reuters) - The COVID-19 Delta outbreak in Australia's biggest city Sydney grew by 239 case
  20. No lines up yet at Bovada.....Elder will be a live dog
  21. Cmon ted, he wasn't recalled, there were enough signatures to put the question to the people, The recall election is coming in sept.
  22. Elder is popular, Black, and has real ideas on how to deal with the homeless. I think he wins....they already tried to have him removed from the ballot because of some BS technicality
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