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  2. Do people really miss a broke dick Biden voter posting poverty meals and epic reports on car trip vacations to East St. Louis, Gary Indiana, Katrina City?
  3. I like candy but I'll pass on this Hershey’s announced that it will be celebrating National Peanut Butter Day with the release of a new, all peanut butter cup. According to a press release, the new product will be called the Reese’s Ultimate Peanut Butter Lovers Cup and will only be available for a limited time only.
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  5. Somebody let Landers know that I unbanned him...
  6. This is a brand new one, hikers get lost in the woods and encounter strange settlers who want to be left alone, some gore, but it is quick paced, well acted and not predictable. The people in the woods are not neccessarially the bad guys either.
  7. yes the original wrong turn is very underrated
  8. Ts179

    OT Work

    yep i brought "silver spoon" to this site and now everyone uses it
  9. I just watched Wrong Turn, very good, check it out at redbox or wherever else it's on.
  10. Like shooting fish in a Captain Highliner box in the frozen foods sectiion, eh Joey.
  11. mikeman

    Fuk Rutgers

    Dont think so, I used to like them, I'd load up my burger to the hilt.
  12. You called them on yourself, wow, you are crazy. You're living in a new town and you had a chance for a fresh start, now you have a rep as a nutcase, WTF is wrong with you?
  13. Moldoveanu

    OT Work

    i used to get over 200 hours every 2 weeks a lot now i am doing around 180-190 hours and gonna come down a bit to 160 hours should be fine every 2 weeks
  14. Just no downside to going llc, pal
  15. Nobody gives a fuck! Trump LOSTl Deal with it!
  16. Trump is a Complete Moron.. And, you are a Complete Mouthshit Parrot Piece of Shit... Only a,Mindless Piece of Shit would post something like that! What is next? Are you gonna post that 1+1=3? Yoh are one stupid motherfukker Get a life, you piece of shit!
  17. miller mike said this movie feautres a down syndrome guy who gets drunk. that sounds good
  18. yes. police came and got me turns out i never even needed to do that. im feeling lousy right now i think im supposed to get a job. will start looking wednesday first thing in the morning. need tomorrow to get some stuff 30 hours minimum ill just lose weight as i work. plz stop
  19. Mitt Romney joins the infamous Black Eye Club Dont know what that is....look it da fuck up. But before you do ask yourself honesty, how often do you really see regular people in public with black eyes? Why are certain famous people so clumsy?
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