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    If you say so. There’s absolutely no question that there’s a far greater degree of free speech under his watch and that he’s trying to figure out a proper balance beyond the political hackery that moderated Twitter previously. Unless you’re telling me that libtards are crying about Musk like they weren’t called the right pronoun all for nothing.
  3. Posted extensively in House’s salsa thread
  4. Xer with the rare platty. Well done, son.
  5. Busy living the retired life Dont know what you’re problem is with me other than me beating you in a survivor pool i gave you a pass on your debt Didn’t you take a discount on your debt to Iggy?
  6. Would love to see the Mad Dingo and DeemaSuhn go at it. Dingo taking a jab at me...not cool.
  7. Trumptards are funny, though. They're all for the rule of law, unless it's against someone they like. LOL
  8. Guy follows females around on gambling forums and first post back WHITE KNIGHTING. LETS HOPE THE BAKERY IS FLOURISHING
  9. Lol Took 14 months to pay his gambling debts but winning fantasy football now Dont change deemer!!!
  10. KingRevolver


    Yes, but Elon is full of shit.
  11. VID-20221129-WA0018.mp4
  12. Today
  13. Bigrunner


    Kanye. Elon. Trump. ?
  14. Wtf is that mean english is not my language dumb ass so a lot of things i will not understand but idiots like you take like we must know everything thats why i asked a simple question to have another meaning which was easier to understand the 2nd way
  15. "Greatest president ever". Antisemitic Gmcarroll33
  16. Looks like u need buffalo to win 1-9 or tie So fish can win too I believe it will be a close game since buffalo has been really bad lately at not covering at all
  17. LOL, i like Moldy..............in fact, like everyone.
  18. Ticket: 796085031-1 (open) / Offshore Lines Teaser T tw 4½nfl 5fb & 4bk (15 Team) (15 Team) THU 11/24 5:46 PM WON Basketball BYU +6 for Game WON Basketball Connecticut/Oregon Over 134 for Game WON Basketball UL - Monroe +7½ for Game WON Basketball Mercer +½ for Game WON Football Air Force/San Diego State Under 48 for Game WON Football Oklahoma/Texas Tech Over 60½ for Game Football Buffalo Bills +½ for Game
  19. JFC Fisshead, he’s Moldovan for Chrissakes, dumb it down
  20. There's going to be so much winning, you're going to get tired of winning. Is this the winning?
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