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  2. Ravens may skip it altogether: Fears emerge of potential wildcat strike on Tuesday night Mike Florio 7 hours ago As the NFL continues to monitor the Ravens-Steelers situation to determine whether to proceed with Tuesday night’s game, a new fear has emerged: Ravens players may refuse to play, if the game isn’t moved again. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, there are concerns of a potential wildcat strike by the Ravens. Such a maneuver, if it happens, would pull the pin on a potentially complex legal grenade. The NFL would argu
  3. Seattle was -5 during the week on the weekend they were -5.5 when did the line go to -6.5 right be4 kick off?
  4. Yes that was the abodingas. The ice cream bar was just something they brought out because it was her sister's birthday. We all tried it though. It was a very tart cherry sorbet with local chocolate.
  5. Wow. Impressed by that place ! Love how she has the whole area for jamon and teaching people about it. Very cool. Menu looks really good as does what you ordered. Is the tomato covered dish the abondigas? Also what is the ice cream bar looking thing ??
  6. NFL wanted to punish the Broncos for not following protocols.
  7. All that makes logical sense. Now factor in 14 seconds left for a bad team...
  8. Check out Curate in asheville. Close as we can get. She trained at El Bulli too. It was a really good meal. Her paella was probably the tables favorite. https://katiebuttonrestaurants.com/katie-button-news/katie-button-felix-meana-curate-cinco-jotas/
  9. Did the Dirty Birds go for the 2 points so that "Coach & Co." could cash in on a +6.5 point spread? How was that factoring in at that stage in time? A fear of his kicker missing another XP if they did manage an onside kickoff and a TD? if a reg 6+1 then 23 -16 and then if scoring another TD then 23-22 and an option to go for two for the win or 1 for the tie. If they fail on the 1st 2 pt'er then 23-15 then a td and a 2 pt conversion for at best a 23-23 tie?
  10. here's a breakdown of how if you go for 2, then you have a 59% chance of winning (if you score 2 tds) if you kick the extra point, you have a 45% chance of winning (if you score 2 tds) https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28100383/going-2-8-points-why-nfl-teams-keep-doing-why-analytics-backs-up
  11. they didn't kick an easy FG down 11 earlier in the quarter.. and their Kicker already missed an extra point.. perhaps he was hurt? I don't know.. I won and feel dirty
  12. Hope you can someday make your way to Spain to enjoy jamon iberco cut fresh off a huge leg by a guy w a sword !
  13. I was thinking the only way I get fucked is if they go for 2.......
  14. analytics say to go for 2 down 14, eagles are about the only team that does that though... heck they still go for 2 quite often on their first td
  15. That ending made no sense,of course I had the Seahawks
  16. Brutal. Mathematically curious to go for 2 there.
  17. I’m always getting back doored. Tonight I do the back dooring lol lol
  18. It was all really good except the salad with raisins and pine nuts. It wasn't anything special or unique. The iberico ham was a first for me and it was good but crazy expensive. Place was great overall and it was one of those once a year type treats for us. We took her sister there for her birthday.
  19. Thats me. Wtf. Hail Mary followed by a moronic 2 point conversion.
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