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  2. Good to hear great Americans
  3. Looks great. I want to do a little more fish this year. I don't cook with seafood, so want to up my game a bit.
  4. closer but since you predicted the wrong number of field goals, the pot carries over to the second quarter
  5. honestly ask bobbyfk he know how to get a job like that
  6. if this is really bateman hes said hes into trannies over 10 times on the forums get real
  7. 10-0 rams this game is over. brady falling behind against a good pass rush. all over he will just pout for the remaining 3 qtrs
  8. Looks incredible, house. Nice work, as usual.
  9. Pro Covid ideology. "If I die, I die. If I make someone sick so be it. No one will control me". Usually fucken Trump anti America idiots. "HE GONE". https://www.twincities.com/2022/01/22/mn-covid-patient-transferred-from-coon-rapids-hospital-dies-in-texas/amp/
  10. That's not very nice sir. Feeling DEWed?
  11. PLB

    RIP Meat Loaf!

    Big Blubber is not that smart.
  12. I'm staying up too late and sleeping too late, I need a little structure. I need an at-home job on the PC for 3-4 hours 2 or 3 days a week, no weekends. Any ideas?
  13. Did you get the ouchy from Fauci?
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