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  1. Will do. Bunch of weasels in that room.
  2. Supposedly, I was going 15 miles over the limit. The limit is 80 on the highway, and I was going 95. Fuckin' ridiculous. The ticket was like 283 dollars. Straight fuckin' scam.
  3. Too many fucking whackjobs for a Top 3. Even the "normal" guys here are weirdos.
  4. Too much. I'm in Mexico. Drank 4 Michelle Ultras, four shots of Tequila, two Guinness, and three glasses of wine. Paying for it today.
  5. Is that really you? I have to add you then.
  6. Just got a text message from a poster with Area Code there. I'm in Mexico right now, you fucks. Visiting family for X-mas.
  7. Only thing that's cheated you are your brain cells.
  8. You sued a beer company for giving you Bitter Beer Face?
  9. Grandma give you that furniture? Looks like you got it at Sweeper's yard sale.
  10. Same thought crossed my mind. Why not? Deleted it, though.
  11. Circle K I go in every day after work. I take my Dickey's BBQ cup in to get some ice, and grab a Truly Pineapple or a White Claw Mango, and maybe a hot dog, depending on whether the dogs are cooked just right. I then head to the park and watch all the hot broads while I drink.
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