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  1. Also a good reason not to get an English Bulldog. They have a hard enough time breathing as it is. LOL
  2. Finally recovering. I'm thinking about getting an English Bulldog this time. Anyone ever own one?
  3. Fuckin' guy had alligator arms when the bill came.
  4. I don't do that shit anymore. I'm a business man.
  5. Do you remember? I miss my dog. I feel a void. Need to get another one or I'll go crazy.
  6. Impossible, pal. Almost feels like I'm stealing.
  7. Funniest thing ever was when Brock made Pizza Pie Peavey wait in line @ the Oyster Bar. Brock left, played some Blackjack, took a dump, and went back to the line an hour later. Pizza Pie Peavey was pissed.
  8. Arizona Cardinals ML OVER 54.5 Denver Broncos ML UNDER 44 Easy peasey. Good luck!
  9. Have so many right now, pal. I can't even keep count. I think 8?
  10. Thanks, guys. Appreciate the words. My next dog will 100% be another Boxer. They are fuckin' awesome!
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