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  1. Hey Higher, I havent been around for a long time and it`s nice to see you posting here. You have to try the kamado joe, I love it. Cheers pal
  2. You cant go wrong with Britt
  3. Its pretty common to do that at the beach. Im surprissed youve never had one ouf of the pineapple at Cabo.
  4. Ill send you some in a few weeks
  5. Let me know if you have questions. Ill be happy to help.
  6. You have to send like $100. You have to water some plants once every 4 hours or so for rewards. Eventually you have enough baby flowers to get a seed and the plants can be sold for $1k each. It takes about 2 months to grow a plant and you get daily rewards. I started last week with $110 to check it out since I have loads of free time and I have around $250 now and Im pretty close to have enough babies to buy the first seed. Send me a skype, this should be great for you.
  7. Anyone plays this game? Its so easy to make a few bucks off it for anyone that has some free time.
  8. I would suggest a local handcraft. There are some small wood boxes that have a morpho butterfly inside the cover. People love morpho butterflies.
  9. I would send Britt Tarrazu. Ive sent it to several people in the US and everyone has loved it.
  10. Because you`re a nuisance but I guess it would just make my life easier than to send someone to buy $25 worth of pennies and send it over
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