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  1. What a shit call. Another game ruined by the refs
  2. Just started following alexstein99 Guy is fearless, goes right into the heart of the crazies
  3. Anyone surprised to see Portland and Minneapolis at the bottom?
  4. Two people I got sick of following Newt Gingrich - 9 out of 10 tweets are pictures of his wife Bill O'Rielly - 9 out of 10 tweets are pictures of his dog
  5. Woke Corporations and a woke government Full speed ahead on re.tard
  6. Now were rolling out the welcome signs for the carnival freaks
  7. Got to give the Frenchies an A+ the way they protest How embarrassing are conservatives here that get shit on by government and do nothing close to this?
  8. Milkshaker frequently complains about the crime on tweeter but can't figure out why.
  9. The past sanctions have worked so well especially the ones against Russia.
  10. DeSantis went full blown re.tard this week Guy has racked up more L's the a Landers gambling sheet
  11. The Panda Express in Owatonna is hiring $17 an hour to start
  12. I like how these idiots supply Ukraine with 100's of billions in weapons and think they get to tell China not to dare supply Russia with any military assistance. Let's hope China opens up their entire arsenal.
  13. The blue cities are totally gone We have re.tards in the GOP that think there is no fraud in our elections
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