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  1. Good thing the books did not put up that rush prop. I doubt they would have put up anything under 80.
  2. Biden is done. One term piece of shit. He will make the 1980 election look like a nail bitter.
  3. Some you can FanDuel allows it
  4. Begging Biden getting it shoved up his ass again.
  5. What the fuck is this shit? They don't even have Plumlee listed
  6. 4 games this year 16-100 20-121 17-83 16-100 Plus SMU has a terrible run defense
  7. If Brock were to take a Wonderlic test he would score lower than Vince Young score of 6
  8. Beock would vote straight R for a $10 free play and a wing stop coupon,
  9. Went over 31 trillion today Another 675 million to Ukraine
  10. They're interrupting college football games to show this guy trying to get to the 7th most homers in a season I could care less.
  11. They don't even have a search button on the Circa Iowa App Plus you have to turn the wifi off to get the location thing to work. It's almost like they try to suck.
  12. Clay sucks because he spends too much time on the sports BS The show would be far better with Buck solo Levine is the best conservative show on right now.
  13. Just added Lexalt to my positions Should have done it a month ago when he was plus money
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