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  1. Anyone crying about Trump after this 18 month shitshow is really really dumb.
  2. I've told governor Walz to fuck himself on twitter and have used this emoji 🖕 many times in my replies.
  3. MTG gets 1000’s of death threats each and every day from deranged Biden voters. That pussy Kissinger should be getting many more.
  4. The Biden voters are really going to hate this governor. I doubt her twitter account lasts a week after she mops the floor with the dem challenger.
  5. Was expecting Godzilla to come running out from behind those buildings with a couple of humans clutched in his hands.
  6. Just call a handyman and have him do it. Fuk doing shit like that. There are games that need to be bet on.
  7. All they do is post how bad Biden is on Twitter, go a conservative radio and talk about how bad Biden is, go on FOX News or Newsmax and talk about how bad Biden is. How about actually do something? Like use your national guard to close the border. Get a coalition of red states to ignore Biden and his green energy crap, in red states get rid of teachers and board members that teach kids to be g ay. Use the national guard in crime ridden democrat run cities to arrest and detain the career criminals. Not one of these pussies has the balls to stand up to the worst president in our nations history.
  8. There are many stupid fuks like runner that would still vote democrat even if it got so bad they were out throwing rocks at squirrels for food. It's hard to believe there can be people this stupid but just click on one of those trending topics on twitter and the crap they post.
  9. Soon all this crap is going to be split between 50 streaming services. Pisses me off I have to pay $12 a month for FloTV so I can watch CAA games.
  10. I hardly ever watch it. The only thing I watch is CFL and FCS games.
  11. 23-22 Toronto drives the length of the field with just seconds left and kicker misses xp.
  12. Biden voters hate FACTS Back on ignore fuck stain.
  13. He was radicalized to attack conservative families by the “insurrection” rhetoric spewed by the J6 committee and the left as a whole.
  14. Only a moron would think a Trump voter would shoot up a 4th of July parade.
  15. This Homosexual human being had liked some Biden tweets. No Trump voter would ever do that.
  16. I clicked on that Trump rally link on twitter trending 🤦‍♂️ The Biden voters are saying he is a Trump supporter. I got to somehow ween myself off twitter.
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