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  1. It was the only thing other than the refrigerator magnet that I kept.
  2. Did missed the last appointment so I couldn’t walk out in anger. Had to suck it up and get it done.
  3. At the old folks home. I argued with them to the point where they said to leave or they were calling the police.
  4. They gave me a shit load of swag for making a $20 bet.
  5. Fuk You and your mask Fuk this country
  6. These dumb mother fuckers have a broken door and instead of fixing it they wrap chains around the door handles and secure it with a padlock.
  7. Also why is it the fat piece of shit always opens the doors at 8:03, 8:05 but NEVER and I repeat NEVER one second before 8:00am? Had to stand in 8 degree whether waiting for the door to be opened three minutes longer than I should have. I should have responded to his "good morning" with a "fuk you"
  8. Not even trying 20 minutes in and getting blowed out by North Africa
  9. I'll be sure to make the withdraw 5000 instead of 500 tomorrow when the free play is graded. Let's hope they don't make me rollover my full balance because I took a $50 free play.
  10. 35k balance 250k in action the last year lets hold up a 500 withdraw over a $50 free play where do they find all these dumb motherfuckers?
  11. I also have to bet from the gas station because the casino isn't open until 8am Fuk your "build back better"
  12. Because I have a $50 free play they won't let me withdraw until I put it in play and it's graded. Always some BS when it comes to withdrawing but NEVER and I repeat NEVER any holdup on a deposit.
  13. These fuks even disabled the soccer wagering menu These are my betting options with a 100 max bet
  14. Funny how you can deposit as much as you want with no limitation but when it comes to a withdraw...
  15. They also don't keep score in sporting events Everybody wins
  16. had 100 on usa today in play on college hoops tonight
  17. Why does gas price even matter for these Biden voting cock.suckers Thought they all had battery operated cars or are they now boycotting them because Elon allows free speech on shitter?
  18. Did you see that dude in the outback fight a roo? He slapped the bitch upside the head and it hop away like a coward.
  19. Why is this bullshit not in the politard thread Another pussy $50 bettor popping off
  20. Go fuck your self and dumb ass threads Dumb motherfucker Fuk you
  21. Fukkin ref's They sucked this whole tournament Cheating motherfuckers
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