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    Texas, Bama, FSU

    Washington Michigan FSU Liberty 4 undefeated conference Champs
  2. Does this Deacon Hill MF'r ever throw the ball down field? Half the problem with the shit offense is that they want to take 0 risk.
  3. first quarter almost gone and iowa hasn't even had the ball yet.
  4. Did you chug that wine yet?
  5. 712 yds of total offense tonight best offense in college foots
  6. Keep in mind Liberty is NOT.... Purdue, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois
  7. Best offense in the league 30 easy maybe by halftime
  8. Here are the offshores I have blown through
  9. Thinking of moving to Emmetsburg Draftkings has never said no to any bet I've made at the window
  10. I never bet more than 150 at PointsBet as a test Even that didn't work.
  11. Here is my collection of burnt iowa books
  12. At most of these shit shops you got about 40-50 bets Make the best of them
  13. Jeez, Do people really like the $2 free plays? What a bunch of broke dicks
  14. 27.49 at least when the offshores restrict you its 100
  15. Down to 5 books now BetNow Fanduel Circa Bookmaker BetOnline
  16. add pointsbet into the shitter of burnt books
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