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  1. All that makes logical sense. Now factor in 14 seconds left for a bad team...
  2. Brutal. Mathematically curious to go for 2 there.
  3. And menudo for the New Year's Day hangovers...
  4. True. I actually look forward to them.
  5. I'm old enough to remember when the Sun Bowl was somewhat respectable. But for the past 20+ years it's just been another weak Consolation Bowl for 6-6 teams...
  6. We're old friends Ted but I have to tell you... You aren't just stiffing, you're turning the knife and salting the wound. Pay him.
  7. Then he may have his best game ever because he's auditioning for his next job...
  8. I may have skipped this one because I never held an account there.
  9. CNN BREAKING... Video to be released tonight from a neighbor's surveillance cam show the dog in Hunter Biden's backyard all weekend. FALSE FLAG Joe fell off his toilet and they're trying to pin it on the dog. The dog's agent is currently fielding interview requests but sources say the dog may appear EXCLUSIVELY with Tucker Carlson tonight...
  10. He can shove that fucking tree up his ass!
  11. Just waiting for the Steelers and Ravens to cancel again...
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