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  1. Big thick slices of brisket and plastic silverware... Never.
  2. My favorite BBQ place in L.A. started with the plastic silverware and I stopped going there.
  3. Guy down the street where I grew up had a Sunbeam car.
  4. DONATE just $100 and for 60 days you can…. Have your name, your website, your twitter, your facebook, any picture you want that isn’t gross, anything you want for 60 straight days!!! This is your chance to support this site, this movement and to have fun. C’mon you broke asses, support this site. Send me an email for more details to GABEWINS1@YAHOO.COM SEND PAYPAL DONATIONS TO GYN94@YAHOO.COM
  5. The combination of my mom's dried-up shake and bake and my grandma's boiled chicken made me leave home and join the Army just to get a decent meal.
  6. Not low class... Just not my personal favorite.
  7. Chicken sandwiches were never on the menu at Hillcrest.
  8. He left before I took the reins. However we never had a cozy forum relationship.
  9. That. And the 401k quarterly statements arriving this week should seal the deal.
  10. No Wingstop around here, but thanks for the offer.
  11. I wish I had his enthusiasm for chicken, but I don't...
  12. If you can dog sit, KK can work. Problem solved.
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