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  1. He's a busy guy, I respect that.
  2. Free tickets were distributed widely.
  3. Tougher to find panties in an office building?
  4. Lots of lonely elders in Arizona. They pay people to come over and fix stuff that isn't even broken. Be kind to them KR. Offer to help with tidying up and rides to bingo.
  5. Sleepy and El Chapo have both concluded restful, invigorating, yet separate vacations. Let's all take a moment from our busy day to welcome them back with both warmth and sincerity.
  6. 10-4. Same as driving from Wash to Ore for their app. Some states make you deposit in-person for the larger new customer bonuses.
  7. Did you have to go to the in-person Fan Duel location, or just drive across the state line and fire-up the app?
  8. Ruth just called in from the nursing home, is $100 to change the batteries in her TV remote control fair?
  9. You're stealing money from these people. Reported.
  10. You're getting paid for changing outlets?? Even I can do that...
  11. If God wanted us to hold onto our money he would have put handles on it. J. Hoffa
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