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  1. This is junk football.
  2. I've dispatched King Kolzig to look in on Mike.
  3. Somebody somewhere is seeing to it that their program is becoming higher profile. Some sketchy stuff is going on with that program.
  4. Please see that my flag isn't wrinkled.
  5. New switch plates first, the new bedroom can wait.
  6. I have open time in my schedule and wouldn't mind an at-home job for a couple hours a day after the market closes. A couple hours between nap time and dinner time would be ideal.
  7. Keeping your home during the trial period is an effective usage of sound Risk Management principles.
  8. After the afternoon westerns on MeTV, switch over to Inspire Channel for Gunsmoke and Wagon Train for the next 10 hours.
  9. I concur. But I was in the garage...
  10. Take the rest of the day off and get funded at all of them.
  11. CK. You've been how Sir?
  12. Nice Chapo. Is that the one that tracks multiple incoming targets simultaneously?
  13. When a top executive office official calls the Federal Office of Flag Displacement things move quickly. They likely submitted draft wrinkle patterns for approval first.
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