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  1. Throw away your toaster KK.
  2. Were there any Furries in attendance?
  3. I'm going to run down to the church and light a candle. Just in case...
  4. I love doing that to my neighbors. I call it a guilt mow...
  5. Rangers -105 at home and down 2 games to 0. You betcha. I'm in.
  6. My preference is to edge and mow around noon on Fridays. Then on Friday afternoon when the working stiffs come home they're reminded that their weekend will revolve around lawn care.
  7. The lawn and grass needs to be dry before being tended to. Best to wait.
  8. We had a cigarette butt Removal Team in basic training. My how the Army has changed...
  9. What attire are you sporting Red?
  10. My dad always told us kids that chocolate milk came from the brown cows at farms. He also told us that it's just as easy to marry a rich girl as a poor one. #LIAR
  11. He gets a warmer welcome in Korea than any town in the USA.
  12. The problem with legislation is always in the detail. Both sides propose what appears to be well meaning legislation aimed at helping Americans. But what these egotistical greedy clowns do to honest legislation is add Amendments. Amendments that feed a special intrest that usually benefits the author. These unnecessary amendments often contain language unacceptable to the opposing party making it impossible to vote for. Even if they supported the original legislation. Then the party that amended the original piece of legislation and later poisoned it with unacceptable
  13. Unless it was a white guy it just ain't news...
  14. Attaboy. Dealership prices for a car out of warranty are a non-starter for me.
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