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  1. Good point. But we possess a higher functioning logical database of options when confronted with fear. We may filter our fear of injury through factors like health insurance, leaving our children without a parent, financial obligations, etc. We may determine that fleeing is the best overall scenario. Whereas the Silverback has far fewer concerns aside from survival.
  2. Sentence her to 10 days of Meow Mix for her transgression!
  3. Attaboy. I always apply "found" money to action.
  4. A cornered beast possesses an intangible quality know as fear. Fear produces rage, rage can't be quantified in a fight to the death. Every cent I have would be bet on the Silverback.
  5. You were probably party to a class action lawsuit against them.
  6. We have to look beyond our own actions and look to the wider homosapien family when determining consequences.
  7. I don't want to see this shit in every non-political thread.
  8. Did you need to take another thread to the political realm BR?
  9. I'm not singling you out KK, it happens frequently and by many. Brock provides enough material for commentary through his own exploits without the need for any us of to involve his family. Let's all try to be mindful of that.
  10. All great threads men. But needed to merge for clarity, thanks for understanding.
  11. The MERGING alone has me working overtime tonight.
  12. I'm trying to get The General out of retirement.
  13. You're going there again KK. ..
  14. Primarily the shut-ins and housebound.
  15. He's rich and she's hideous, no chance.
  16. Saying and doing are two different things. You're looking at this from an emotional perspective. Look at it from a legal perspective. You can't arrest people for being assholes, it doesn't work that way.
  17. And I might add... The governor of my state is a scumbag motherfucker and I think I've shown incredible restraint in not communicating that fact to him.
  18. I don't make calls like that. However, it's not criminal. Just because something is distasteful, ugly or vile doesn't make it unlawful.
  19. Every elected official gets calls like that. Less than newsworthy...
  20. Stanford clearly screwed now. It would have made perfect sense for them to go with USC. The Bay Area is now a sizeable underserved audience for major football. Someday we'll find out what UCLA did for USC to tag along with them.
  21. They'll probably still play but it will be an out of conference game.
  22. Stanford, Cal, Oregon State and Washington State. All SOL.
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