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  1. Apparently was a corner suite, likely zero chance they ever use it again as a rental unit, perhaps will be converted into some sort of memorial room.
  2. prefer 39 degrees over 80 anytime. cool weather is cool with me.
  3. plommer

    Tom Petty

    I won't miss him at all. Not even a little.
  4. I thought you were talking about hoops.
  5. Also will be known as the most notorious resident of the Mandalay Bay hotel and casino. I wonder if they will ever use/rent out that 32nd floor hotel room he used ever again?
  6. Kinger you need to make rito a mod here. Pronto.
  7. Mesquite: The hard and durable wood of mesquite is often used for building purposes, weapons, tools and furniture. Because it burns slowly and smokeless, mesquite is a good firewood (Desert USA). The taproots are also used as firewood. When used for cooking, mesquite wood also gives food an excellent flavor.
  8. plommer

    Tom Petty

    The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get
  9. Everyone in Vegas is a pro. Place likely won't be around in a year - can't keep giving the house away.
  10. 80's here today in Windsor. A/c ON. Winter storm expected to hit Calgary, southern Alberta today.
  11. http://www.chefn.com/garliczoomr-garlic-chopper-arugula.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwpMLOBRC9ARIsAPiGeZDzkjW1gmkEuY9V_Gik4eeRvsKzJ9F2ESzaukDm21pyfK5y7A0Pf8waAjYDEALw_wcB
  12. I'm fucking with him, he knows it. plommer loves him some uncle D
  13. I never have any luck betting NFL. Really need Cincy to cover here pal.
  14. Lets go BENGALS!!!!! COMMON ONE TIME!! FUCK you Disabler!! You See you next Tuesday !!
  15. Good luck pal, hope Cleveland gets shut out. Easiest bet of the year so far was UNDER 2nd half Dolphins/Saints, 25.5 Incredibly high total for 2nd half in a game with 3 points at the half.
  16. Pitching a shutout after 3 quarters. Nice to be on the right side of the flip for a change.
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