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  1. NBA second half Orlando +10.5 (-110) Fanduel
  2. next scheduled bump is "my daughter is dating a billionaire"
  3. NBA Second half OKC Thunder -5 (-117) DK
  4. Now that Brandon Pirri is back with the Knights, we need him to live blog about his life in Vegas. Host a weekly Q&A.
  5. Alabama waits 10 seconds to snap the ball and lets the crew buzz down for a challenge epic fail
  6. NBA second half SA/Detroit over 109 (-118) DK
  7. Just found him today when I was on Twitter and the guy replied to something. A lot of impersonators out there.
  8. Brock, thoughts on this? https://player.fm/series/cashing-out-w-brock-landers https://mobile.twitter.com/BrockLanders41
  9. must be a glitch now it's claiming it spiked back up to 4k
  10. coindesk showing that Bitcoin dropped from 4000 to 3500 a few minutes ago. I'm not sure if this is accurate or some kind of glitch.
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