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  1. Where do I buy the shit you guys are buying?
  2. Currently holding 103 stocks and I was killed across the board today. Only 12 in the green. -5.87%
  3. same here Weinke. Keep the faith. There is always money to be made.
  4. Keep adding at the dips, sir. And welcome to Team Cardano.
  5. are you angry that his plays have done so well? Yes, the market has done well too, but not at the rate his posted plays have done. I'm not sure why you are in here hating?
  6. make sure you click "limit" instead of market. Are you funded?
  7. I wish I rebought the dips in the last 24 hours. It is smart to put an autobuy at a ridiculously low price like 40 cents as it could dip down that low like it did yesterday. It only dips for a split second, so autobuys are hit and miss
  8. your main point is very basic and could apply to anything. House contributes. You hate. I've been trading OTCs since about 1998.
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