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  1. Tough to gauge here. Republicans are still shunned for being Trumpers so many stay in the closet with their thoughts. Extremely liberal Miami Beach is starting to crack as rents and home prices have priced honest locals out completely. Now MB is predominantly trust funders, crypto rich, and short term transients (AirBnB). MB used to be a cheap place to live which was settled mostly by poorer Cubans. All that changed at the turn of the century. average household income in Dade is just over 60k and yearly rents average about 32k. That can’t be sustainable.
  2. many will. Will you plug your ears when any negative info comes out?
  3. 128,775 emails for you to peruse: https://bidenlaptopemails.com/ Anyone find anything interesting please post it here
  4. WVU

    RIP Walter

    I just found out Precious has advanced heart disease and could go into cardiac arrest at any time. 😞
  5. Jimmy Carter is not grinning at all. While he was not a great president. he is truly a great man and true American.
  6. sorry, pal. Once again it is not the Celts year. They can't get past Miami.
  7. Sweden has 24,000 actives in their military.
  8. Is PooTin winning this war?
  9. NATO needs Turkey much more than they need Sweden and Finland
  10. WVU

    RIP Walter

    I’m sorry, Mike. Mr Kitten looks just like my Precious who is getting up there in years. 😢
  11. There is nothing to do in Marathon. You can head over to KFC or stop in at the convenience store and that’s about it. It’s fine if you spend your days on the water but to do anything fun you will be driving to key west anyway. nothing beats Key West. Great drink, great food, and nice hotels. The only place in the US that doesn’t feel or look like the US. Marathon is boring. But maybe that’s your thing?
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