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  1. I have penciled in these picks but they can be changed jax minn
  2. yeah I would rather use Tampa down the road when they get their shit together. They have 2 against Carolina and Atlanta on the road late
  3. ok, it looks like we have to make 2 picks this week. Sure wish they would tell us ahead of time. So I'm thinking 1. Jax 2. Tampa bay or Minny thoughts?
  4. Hispanic people down here in Florida want tighter borders. They don't want the same garbage from their countries coming here. The illegals don't vote so no one cares what they think.
  5. Russia, whether they win or lose, has been exposed. They lose the fear of their supposed great army. They are a fake. Just like Iran and North Korea. Now their threats will be meaningless moving forward. Putin will be gone before the end of 2023. Mother Russia is fighting like a woman.
  6. WVU

    RIP Walter

    So far so good. He still passes out once in a while, but other than that he is happy and healthy.
  7. Russia had a plan until they got punched in the mouth
  8. Good luck, gentleman. I fully intend to win this.
  9. My in laws have had 2 weeks in one in Sanibel for 20-25 years. It’s called Surfrider.
  10. edit. Maybe not. Buffalo is a huge fav. We may not want to pass them up in this spot against Pittsburgh
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