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  1. CLOV up 20% and being pushed on Reddit for shit squeeze jump in
  2. NYC is not a state. They included NY too
  3. Michael and Joey, wake the fuck up and tell us your next move!
  4. Sold most of mine at .31 +500%. will play this game again when it drops back to 6-7 cents
  5. Oh damn. It will get there soon
  6. I have it. It’s at it’s all time high of 62. It was never a buck
  7. They are already profitable and growing exponentially. They have great support from coin holders. They will make billions every year. I’m fine with my buy.
  8. Ivanka is super hot. No denying that. I have seen her on the beach here. I've also seen David Beckham recently. Ivanka looks better.
  9. Hof poster trytrytry hails from Minnesota, I believe
  10. I bought coin at 352 average price
  11. I got out of poker for legal reasons. If I lived in Costa Rica I would have made a go of it.
  12. oh that. Yeah. Both IAG and I were owners for a spell. I had a great poker room going here over the Summer. Boat is impossible to work with and has anger issues and left in a huff
  13. welcome to the forum. You will find some great nuggets here and a lot of laughs. If you follow stocks also check out the Master Stock pick thread.
  14. OMI doubled quickly but it’s now back to where I bought it. It never really took off.
  15. so has the feeding frenzy died down? I see DeLorean NFTs selling on Ebay for very little profit if any. Anyone still buying up tons of this stuff?
  16. shitcoins moving faster than most Doge and XRP to the moon
  17. I have it on good authority that an anti vaxxer right here in this thread bit the bullet and got the shot. Fess up or you will be exposed.
  18. walk around with a tire iron, Sleepy. Get some footage
  19. I’ve grown more right than left. But I still want tougher gun laws and regulations. I also want police accountability but still support the blue. I will never defend a violent protestor or anyone blocking travel. I applaud the way republican governors have handled covid. I don’t think masks should be forced nor should the vaccine. But I wear a mask when required and I have the vaccine. It’s ok to think logically and support both Left and Right ideas where applicable.
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