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  1. This was a rare single day platty. Checks in the mail.
  2. Xer with the rare platty. Well done, son.
  3. If you don’t stand up for your rights you lose them. Sleepy is an American hero
  4. He’s an old white guy. Of course he is racist. So what.
  5. It was a different era. Everyone was racist back then. Non story, IMO
  6. What’s the bid deal with the photo and which guy is Jerry Jones?
  7. Correction you would have a beer with them
  8. Yeah I heard Pulse was hopping that night. 😅
  9. Yes did you know the little rubber knob on most tape measures are to erase pencil marks. You’re welcome
  10. I wonder if he eats that royal ass? I would
  11. I remember reading a bit of bread and robin at SBR but no clue about teela and Wallyballs
  12. Surely you would make a return trip for the festivities. We can even get Pat McIrish there from Lakeland.
  13. Admittedly I am a bit racist. I don’t think that’s a bad thing.
  14. Yes, absolutely correct. We could have 12 posters if I didn’t run him off. I’m a TGF man but I wasn’t that day.
  15. True enough but his skin tone says darkie
  16. WVU

    Iran or USA?

    The flopping is ridiculous. How can you young guys get into that?
  17. People assume black QBs are running QBs. Hoffa needs to learn up on this Tua cat.
  18. I don’t remember anyone else calling his bluff on his NFT bullshit. Maybe his politics? He got butthurt when I told him he was a bullshitter and promptly took his ball and went home.
  19. I went to Winter Park High. Lived near Cady Way just a block from the track. Spent lots of time running that oval.
  20. WVU

    Iran or USA?

    I prefer naive WVU over dumb WVU
  21. Pouring salt into my wounds I paid big taxes on crypto last tax season. And stocks. FML
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