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  1. If it can shoot them down then why the need to jam the signals? Drones will return to home when it loses signal. They don’t just drop out of the sky. Does this gun also shoot them down? Cool looking gun, though.
  2. How could Dems call it an oil industry bailout if there wasn’t more room to fill it up?
  3. The silverbacks are in fact stronger than 20 adult humans combined as they can lift or throw up to 815 kgs while a well-trained man can only lift up to 400 kgs. Any adult gorilla can lift up to 450 kilograms, not with a body size that can go as high as 200kgs.
  4. caged match one 500 lb silverback vs 10 men at about 250-300 pounds per. beast -600 men +440
  5. I don’t think anyone is getting a rear naked hold on a silverback. You aren’t choking that beast out.
  6. Update: still positive still can’t go back to the office
  7. False claims that Justin Trudeau was the love child of Fidel Castro.[11] lol
  8. Well I felt good a day later but not so great now. Still weak and tired and fever off and on.
  9. Using the term improvements very lightly I assume
  10. I don’t like the ruling at all. But this goes to show that the Republicans are way ahead in how to handle the political arena. Even if the GOP were to lose the midterms and 2024 they will still come out ahead on the scorecard with this stacked SC.
  11. That describes every TGF poster including yourself. What’s your point?
  12. You are required to prop up the black race, runner, and that includes Justice Thomas.
  13. I’m glad to see you are alive and kicking, sire. I still think about my Chipper every day. It’s been over 2 years.
  14. If and that's a very big If, Hillary announces she is running her odds would drop to +600
  15. wasn't everyone upset over the Texas school shooting? It is all upsetting. I am a proponent of Southern border security. Build that wall if that's what it takes. Beef up the check points.
  16. The recent Supreme Court decision gives all women candidates a better shot.
  17. I am discussing value with my fellow forum members. I will make my decision based on that discussion. See how that works?
  18. This is a gambling thread, sir.
  19. This has to have some value. Discuss.
  20. You are definitely on a FBI watch list or two. You had me googling Killer Weekly. Hopefully I don’t land on one as well.
  21. I'm a natural born athlete, pal. That time is pretty fast but the world record for my age group (50-54) is 4:19 so I have some work to do. That record was set in 2019.
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