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  1. The longer the beating the better imo. Lol. And now Penn is down almost 3% with volume at only 50k shares....for a stock whose average volume is over 6 million per day. Price manipulation at its finest.
  2. Penn down almost 2% more premarket despite total volume only at 30k shares. Who said that people selling is what causes stock prices to drop? No one is trading (let alone selling early morning). The manipulation continues....
  3. At the time draftkings entered into a multi billion dollar partnership with the NFL, the stock was at $61. Obviously it was going to go down 10% after that. Lmao.
  4. Penn & draftkings meet toilet. There's just too much good news surrounding these companies for the stock prices to go up
  5. Stock splits are almost always good. I'd love to see it.
  6. If DK takes off, alot of times stocks in same sector will follow. But based on this news, I'd expect DK to go down 7% tomorrow. Lol
  7. Exact same thing happened to me and I immediately withdrew and will never go back. Garbage book...and that's being polite.
  8. Nah, more great news like this will most likely only push Penns stock lower. If we want to see s spike in stock price, we need them to file bankruptcy or need the CEO to be accused of fraud or something.
  9. NY approved sportsbettjng so good news for draftkings. Canada close to approving sports betting too...more good news for draftkings. So stock is obviously down 7% today. I don't own any draftkings but makes perfect sense...lol
  10. Before or after Brock downs an entire large lou's pie followed by a couple portillos jumbo dogs?
  11. Saw that. Was hilarious. Rodgers should have said " my moronic head coach did"
  12. I sold a little lower than u Erb. Any reason for the big sudden drop? Looks like the the stick dropped $6 in about 15 min.
  13. I've had a bunch of those days lately as well.
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