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  1. Nah, it was like 220 hours of tattoo work, that you erased into outer space because you felt better than someone else because of how proud they are of being white. Sad stuff bro.
  2. Yeah very disappointed as well. You can't even celebrate your own race here unless you're mexican and want to chop Trumps head off then it's ok Bro.
  3. You're the one who threw a fit pal, cried and banned someone celebrating their race. If I had brown pride celebrating my vatos with 40oz'ers and some EBT ribs you would have been all in. No need for racism here Kinger.
  4. Make sure to give him a fake address Copper because you will have like 10-15 advertisements per week from D books as boater sells the information for literally $3. Guy said he bought the list for $3. Lol
  5. It's a new age and times, when you can't celebrate being white. You know it's all over. You can have brown pride tattoos, black lives matters, german pride, canadian pride. White pride = you're a racist and banned. Love it
  6. Actually he pulled you into it and said if you don't respect Yanks blah blah blah I said fuck you retard I have the right to celebrate my race. 220 hours of artwork, tattoos, creativity, all DUNKED by the racist Kinger.
  7. Yes I was. He said a picture of Trumps head cut off was OK, but not White Pride. Very very very very telling.
  8. Way worse. He's a snitch and sells poster information to books & touts for $3 so he can eat McDonald's. Very sad times here at TGF. Wish all the best here trying to survive the Anti-White agenda, good luck Copper
  9. Be very careful who you trust here men, they do more than you would ever want to know. Very very disappointed in boater also. Sad times here at TGF when they are selling your info to D books and touts to make $3.
  10. Weird. Banned for having white pride avatar. Yet a brown pride avatar would have been OK. A picture of Trump's head cut off would have been OK. I see how Kingy operates now. Disappointed in Yanks also. Very. Had no idea we had so many anti-whites here.
  11. That's a dude and that's gay. So ur bi. all good
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