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  1. Wade,a Polish soccer sharp,Shady.
  2. Thanks mate.I went one late night with a lad(think a friend of yours) & had never actually sat and watched someone who could do it before w/out thinking...guess its kinda boring after a while..still,Id like to be able too myself instead of just passing time(losing) whilst sitting at a bar.
  3. Fish,how long(if you can remember that far back) did it take you master perfect strategy ,where you didnt even have to think anymore and was just on auto-pilot? BTW,do you know "goldfish,race for the gold"? it may be extinct now but I believe that was a +Ev slot at certain times ?
  4. I saw one in Caesers that does....between the sportsbook & the Colosseum theatre .
  5. No CFB PR this week Sleeper ? Besides seeing Brocks meals,its the highlight of TGF.inc
  6. Highly sought after Twitter operators can command $400 a week.
  7. Gotta give FH big credit here,posted a ML Dog wager,way before the game started, Brock,in true Brock fashion predicted a DD fav would win....they are getting blown off their own field. Good call FH
  8. Yes,clearly,because Cortez was under STRICT orders to not allow The HITMAN to work inside. A rather naive comment form ONE(1) of the top 5 boxing minds across these forums if I may be so blunt to say so.
  9. That piece of shit Joe Cortez should of been fired after costing the peoples champion Richard Hatton the fight against Floyd Mayweather.
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