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  1. Most of those newsletters suck they are always touting the next big hit like Google, Apple, Amazon and others just to suck people in to sub. to the newsletters. I put them in the same category of sport touts not many around that's very good. If you have any newsletters that is touting a big play & will give you the answer if you subscribe with them don't do it as I have access to probably 90% of what's out there & being touted. Just let me know who the newsletter is from & what they say about the company they are touting & I can more than likely get you the answer.
  2. Those the same polls that said Trump had no chance...keep believing those polls pal
  3. 12-30 HR Your response has been recorded
  4. http://www.roarlionsroar.com/penn-state-football/2016/12/1442/james-franklin-multiple-players-suspended-for-rose-bowl
  5. 12/28/16 07:36:19am Pacific CFB: Game 279-280 (ORN# 279-280) Penn State - multiple players expected to be suspended for the Rose Bowl. Players not named as of yet.
  6. ................Good girl IAG...proud of you
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