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  1. I forgot to post about this weekend, but EVERYONE has paid in this contest. Biggame paid this weekend and I thought that I had update it here. Great job guys and I will remember how quick that everyone paid. It was a long contest so some people might not have even known that it was over when it was
  2. thanks for the great contest bbb!!!
  3. does biggamejojo still post here? he never read the PM
  4. I got paid from everyone but trytrytry, biggame and bbb. But bbb might not know that it was over. I didn't send him a pm come to think of it
  5. Nothingbutwinners has paid real quickly
  6. Alldayeveryday, has paid in full. I would not have been the only one that made it this far had Indy not lost the first week
  7. shaven I was so close to taking Houston as my second pick this week. I only didnt take them because Chicago was playing Jacksonville who needed to lose. I was going to take Houston next week though.
  8. great job shaven. i was watching all of the games on TV. At least you won something and yes I will give some to sharpsquare
  9. i have the advantage this week,but shaven has the advantage next week based on opening lines for week 17
  10. I really want to lose my Chicago pick all of a sudden
  11. I think that I need Arizona to lose .shaven gave himself a hedge chance
  12. This is really old news kinger. Don't you ever listen to VSIN? And it is paid in free bets with rollovers
  13. Ok I said that I would pm my picks before the Las Vegas game tomorrow night and I did. I pmed them just now.
  14. Ok sounds good to me. I wasnt really going to PM my picks this week. But I guess that I can. I will PM mine before the game starts tomorrow night (Thursday)
  15. What channel is he on now?
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