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  1. I wish the Smoke n scan guy would come on. He’s hilarious.
  2. ajt

    MLB bet

    They gotta play the Minnesota games early so you can get home by curfew.
  3. Hopefully he got to keep the porta shitter.
  4. He got pulled over for having an air freshener in his rearview mirror. What an animal! He shouldn't have resisted. He shouldn't have been killed for resisting. They already have all his information. I'm sure you're fine with the domestic terrorists storming the Capital with impunity.
  5. Yeah, the dumbfuck cop that doesn't know the difference between a taser and a handgun must be a real genius.
  6. Go join a back to blue rally you racist. They could use some more bootlickers like you.
  7. Here come the racist pieces of shit to defend the scum police.
  8. There was a peaceful protest (separate from the looters) before the shitbag cops started shooting tear gas at them.
  9. Curfew? The game was supposed to start at 1pm.
  10. Just showed the body cam footage. The cop meant to shoot his taser but drew the wrong gun.
  11. He’s a midget with heart problems, so he probably got first access for being high risk.
  12. Well he was making almost as much as the CEO driving for Swift
  13. RaiseThese starts private investigation into TGF for putting him on post review
  14. Ex-NFLer Phillip Adams and those 5 others all died from the vaccine, but MSM is saying it’s a murder-suicide so Biden can take away our guns.
  15. Prince Philip died from the vaccine as well.
  16. At least she's willing to go on record for being a See you next Tuesday .
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