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  1. Will put a request in, entry is not in my hands.
  2. Keep a close eye on the line movement of WILSON/LOPEZ match, it's a matchup about midway through the evening.
  3. ELEVEN matches slated beginning at 9pm EST, 6pm local.
  4. IOWA/TAR HEELS 7PM EST, should be a fun night at the local watering hole tonight. Hawks a mere -120 throwing their #2 starter today.
  5. Great tourney, none of this one and done bullshit.
  6. GL. Tough call imo Eichel, although leading the VGK in points, has had some tough luck scoring actual goals, so maybe the puck will bounce his way more on shots. I have 2nd for Vegas players in terms of CONN SMYTHE 1. MARCHY 2. EICHEL 3. HILL 4. WILD BILL
  7. That seems realy cheap?????? Clive is a real nice area in the West Des Moines suburbs My nephew has a bar about 1.5 miles from the town hall meeting tonight.
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