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  1. thankfully AM radio will never be the same.
  2. thanks a lot sleepy I have gotten nothing done last 33 hours.
  3. when I stayed in Melbourne I lived on this station. its basically the OTB on radio!!! http://radio.garden/listen/tab-live-radio/1xwKSIJO
  4. Triple J Sydney good groove music http://radio.garden/listen/triple-j/dr0WByLg
  5. damn cool thanks for this.
  6. had no idea. thanks for this thread of the year
  7. come on worse than the Who? that was an embarrassment beyond anything imaginable go back and rewatch
  8. fun facebook story but fake news
  9. what a disaster of a square and ten liner season o for playoffs.
  10. what a disaster of a 10 liner season
  11. what happened to you sleepy. you were born a white male in America, thats like hitting the damn lottery of life. Rejoice!
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