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  1. yes in parimutual derby futures pool 1 - pool 5 he was in the field.
  2. offshore books crushed, UK books, and Vegas futures crushed this derby an all time best. many huge books like bookamker never listed this horse until Saturday and then did at 66-1. they wrote no winners virtually none from last summer to Friday afternoon then even the Fri Sat with the full field now in they still made more with little to now Rich Strike not a public horse or a wise guy horse as figs too slow... they crushed it good for them they take lots of risks hanging non parimutual odds.
  3. was in east metro at the time
  4. huge Hail storm, and temps shot up to 85 was surreal when that front moved through
  5. fake news they crushed it. everyone crushed it. virtually nobody played those FH. they beat 99.9% of the tickets and the action
  6. gambling lock of the century Ukraine to win Eurovision -150 33 units
  7. a record year for sportsbooks vegas, europe and off shore that collected every Future WIn ticket they punched. there were next to no Rich Strikes... clean sweep.
  8. u have no idea the shock at the track
  9. welcome back and thanks for that horror story makes most of mine seem pleasant. wow
  10. missing RDALERT during this Keenland meet he had some good trainer stuff... hope he shows up soon
  11. just wait until you graduate to $33 base wagers.....
  12. careful the 3's will become additive . . .
  13. interesting....you can send some to my trademark.
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