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  1. rodgers a bit overmatched tonight. might be having egg on face. shes fighting back.
  2. the highest rated horse in the world Baaeed races in 15 minutes at YORK in a Group 1 1.3 million race turf race 1 mile 1/4 hes 9 for 9 lifetime
  3. Sarah Palin advances to November general election for Alaska House seat, NBC projects
  4. the red mile harness kept a $2.10 minimum also. the KY thoroughbred tracks will go to less than $2.10 for show (or place or win but thats less likely) if the pools are that much bridge jumpers can go to $2.01 I suppose. which should also limit bridge jumping as there is not any free 5% anymore (plus some rebate I suppose in some cases).
  5. no thats not true ellis park and The Red mile (harness) have been underway!
  6. its one of the great things to happen to horse racing players. they dont do dime breakage (ie stealing from the winning players ) in KY anymore. so those are all higher than the rounded down payouts were for decades. rejoice makes show and place wagering very acceptable in spots.
  7. nice exacta I should have had there...damn
  8. if that is your worst beat ever you must live a charmed life. shake it off
  9. when did that new break
  10. how about some saratoga info while your enjoying Disney! lol
  11. why is breakfast $100 you eating with donald duck or something
  12. thanks for the unit here something I would have never had.
  13. masks for all if you hit this moldy
  14. thanks for sharing this info today.
  15. took me 33 days on the nose to feel normal not a good stretch
  16. yes in parimutual derby futures pool 1 - pool 5 he was in the field.
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