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  1. thanks pal, things are going real well. no complaints. hope the same for you and have a great holiday.
  2. not fantasy; it's basically prop betting with parlays and its free money with big time returns. I use sleeper fantasy app as one of the main ones, but they offer an over/under game that you can parlay between 2 and 5 plays. 2 doesn't pay out great, but 3 team is 6-1, 4 team is 10-1 and 5 team is 20-1. So standard parlay card payouts - basically treating every prop as -110. Their lines and numbers are soft and slow moving. To use not a great example from today - just spot checking some stuff before I put plays in. Desmond Ridder has an o/u pass yards of 139.5. That under number is -139 at Pinnacle (I use a combination of 5 books lines and take the aggregate). My threshold is typically -140 or better is a play. So I'd take Ridder and put the under into a parlay with other plays that are -140 or better. Basically, I'm getting 3-5 teamers with expected payouts (lets say for the 3 teamer, I'm getting something at 6-1 that should be paying 4-1) that depending on the markets efficiency is free $. THere are about 5-8 of these sites now. I haven't been cut off and have been withdrawing on average about 1k a week. I play them all for between $50-$100. Bet anywhere from 2-3 a day to 20-25 plays a day depending on the lines and amount of games. I focus solely on NFL and NBA, but they have all sports.
  3. On sites like underdog fantasy and others who have standard parlay card payouts (3-5 teamers) on over under props in games. you can just take the aggregate of the line across all the major books near close and take those with the biggest number (-140 to -170 I've seen before). it's been free money. WVU still around? You been cleaning up on these, pal?
  4. LOL this loser still here posting away miserably. Pal, I didn't stiff $100. I'm not you. I guess when someone leaves forums because they're a waste of time and energy, they become a stiff to this retard by default.
  5. Sold some at the split but holding 80%. Nice to hit a homer every now and then.
  6. Roc would be in I think. Maybe 1 other guy would jump in. Keep me posted. I got into a $250 dynasty league at rt and league was full of tards. The hold on that site is absurd though. Anyone heard from cee/Viejo? Text gaymer? If we go to 10 that's fine too, but would prefer 12.
  7. I sent out some feelers on the league page; ttp not even responding to me via text. That SOB. Maybe COVID got 'em! What happened to Yanks? LOL did someone really edit my post to remove f*g from it? Sheesh. WVU, I got into Tesla for quite a bit on December 20th 2019. Things worked out pretty well for me.?
  8. like a decade ago, pal. i paid it after the time i felt was warranted for balco going full blown retard calling me a stiff while on vacation and posting such on the fantasy page. not that it matters, but looks like fantasy might be dead. looks like this forum jumped the shark with tons of political threads and no more kinger? rip. and wvu a mod? jaysus. hope you been well pal; any of the fff Non heterosexual humans still around?
  9. check in, check in. did everyone quit? if so i guess that means i am the overall league champ.
  10. bump. want to apologize to gabe. it wasn't him who did this. if you look closely at the screenshots of the text, the message was sent to rockets from gabewins2 facebook page, not from gabewins. someone, either javy or rockets, set up a fake facebook with the same profile picture to set gabe up which is embarrassingly sad and funny. a lot of time on their hands. gabe didn't give my info out. gabe was framed!
  11. george said he agreed but with his past idk. feels sketchy. need a double secret acceptance or i can't do. we're up against the clock now. almost 1 hour left!
  12. yanks changed my avatar without my consent. unacceptable!
  13. he's still getting pieces to help him not only this week, but the rest of the year. also, george in a rough spot with no closers. why's rj all up in peoples bidness!?
  14. im not a big buehler guy; that's no secret. i wont do the one trade if i can't do another.
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