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  1. Former Seminole lit their ass up…
  2. Shotgun start is retarded. Who the fuck cares what someone on the other side of the course is doing when they’re 10 shots back
  3. I had the first four numbers right to left, fuck what a rush
  4. Fuck that place, I came up 2 of 3 on all my p3’s today
  5. Castellano winning three yesterday killed me, I never bet that guy. I’ll be trying Mira Mission in the 9th today
  6. Bitcoin is the only crypto that really matters. I’m still very bullish and now a maxi for sure even though I’m underwater
  7. I do have a few friends that didn’t pull their BTC in time and are stuck with four digits there. Hopefully the bankruptcy proceedings go quickly and they get at least 80% back out
  8. No, but I had quite a bit of their stock and then some VGX held in the app as well. I am fortunate that with Celsius and BlockFi I got my 30k in USDC pulled out the week before they stopped transactions, but -98.5% ROI in my Ameritrade account on the stock is brutal.
  9. Raiders led me astray with Voyager
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