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  1. -4.5%. 50 positions and not a single one green.
  2. Worst week since I opened the Ameritrade account to be a degen 18 months ago
  3. Let’s search the Twitter web for others and bring them here...or someone convince the WSB retards to pump it...
  4. VXRT and TWST aren’t crushing it...already took the L on AIRI
  5. This is by far my worst day/week ever, holy crap this is depressing
  6. my buddy bought a bunch of this too. What’s the story
  7. What a kick in the dick this morning to see 20% losses
  8. Fuck that guy and anyone putting his quotes as headlines news
  9. This place has been around six years!? 7 years!? Jesus where is my life going
  10. Pennies rocked my world this world. I’m on PPJE VPER and HCMC were my buys...
  11. You get the free 1k free play after settling your first 1k bet win or lose?
  12. Gives me 20 minutes to swing a club and a golf club trade. Let me know when we’re ready to go
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