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  1. Mike has 4x my net worth in fucking Doge, unreal
  2. This is fucking insane. Congrats guys. I wish I could be rich
  3. I can’t believe you’ve got 283k worth of Doge, mike. Send me 1k, I’ll purchase anything you tell me.
  4. If Doge goes to $2 I will forever hate Reddit.
  5. Not buying coin but disagree. Funds will purchase it to show they’re aware of crypto and offering some exposure to it.
  6. Raiders it’s been over 2 months, can you update us on your list and where you see the Best Buys now?
  7. Today was my least volatile day in at least 6 months. Made $3 and honestly it was refreshing. I don’t even love my portfolio anymore but at least I’m in some ETF’s and big caps so hopefully no more of that -8% in a day shit
  8. He’s a moron, proves it all the time
  9. If/when Barnes develops a shot he will be a career NBA’er. He sees the court tremendously well and is an A+ defender when healthy. I’d comp him to Trevor Ariza with better passing ceiling.
  10. Yeah I was shocked that line was 2. I can’t pound against my own team but they stood no chance. Barnes is hurt btw.
  11. Basically I made money with Mike’s picks and lost my ass with house’s, pennies, and fucking Amazon somehow.
  12. But how Mikey!? I’ve gotten drilled the whole last month
  13. So wtf do I do now, experts?
  14. ya, it goes up 60%. I bailed on things like SAVE, DAL, CRM this morning
  15. Looks like I’m in for more red today. This fuckin sucks
  16. People with billions of dollars
  17. I agree completely rich. Apple makes zero fucking sense. You left out the part about 2021 looking like a massive year overall.
  18. ya you’ve mentioned that, quit being an arrogant fuck everybody plays the stock market with their 401k’s
  19. I’ve been getting crushed for a month straight. This blows
  20. Mike is a retard. Fuck you mike.
  21. Raiders, is VGX gonna quit costing me money and break back up? When is ADA going to $3? Or bitcoin to 70?
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