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  1. some wild things went against the packers too, like usual -fumble when about to go up 14-0 -jones catches a 75 yd pass but runs back into the defender -blocked chip shot fg -blocked punt for td
  2. why would anyone 82 yrs old, with a government pension of $350k/yr and a wife in the same position, keep working to make a puny extra 50k? unless they were an egomaniac psychopath that loves to lie in front of a camera
  3. did mr gaga have to tuck in his balls for that performance, like the time in japan where he rearranged his junk
  4. and he's totally the head of a mafia organization the 3 people who privately said covid was from a lab, but publicly said there was no way it was from a lab... their funding went up $50 million
  5. being the ricardos is a really terrific movie i would buy the nipple balm with the stipulation that i would be the one to apply it
  6. well i expect the dollar to crash, so in terms of dollars i don't really know what gold will be but 1 oz of gold has always been about the cost of a nice suit cryptos are a fad, fiat money always goes to 0, gold/silver are always a store of wealth for centuries
  7. that's where we've always kind of disagreed 5 yrs from now there is almost no possible way that 1 btc is worth more than 10 oz gold and there is almost no way that 1 eth or 10,000 of any other crypto is worth more than 1 oz gold
  8. omg doge is a bargain at .13! what happens when it goes to .0001
  9. the last drop from 64k to 29k felt like a buying opportunity... this feels quite a bit different to me with tech stocks/spac/meme stocks/etc all getting crushed it feels like the beginning of the end for a lot of these bullshit investments i used to love... momentum works in both directions and there is no inherent value in random crypto tokens or companies that will never make a profit
  10. i never really got the appeal of bartenders/waitresses dressed that skimpily especially when their stomach/nose/etc is pierced... i'd rather see a cute girl wearing normal clothes than a naked one with unattractive piercings
  11. it's not just democrats sleepy remember the nonsense about taking your shoes off at the airport? all based on the shoe-bomber hoax... or the nonsense about not having more than 2 oz of liquid? again based on a hoax... or only carrying a tiny clear bag into stadiums? those dumbass rules are still in place 20 years later, even thought there has never been a threat of anything
  12. vaccine passes getting abolished is the best news in my lifetime, now let's do that all across the "land of the free and the home of the brave" last 2 years it has been land of the tyrants and home of the cowards
  13. i can certainly see the possibility that a year from now btc 100k eth 5k and the rest of these cryptos worth very little if anything the huge takedown in alts isn't really surprising, at some point 99% of cryptos were going to be pretty much worthless... but to me it is surprising that btc/eth have held up so poorly lately in 2 days eth is down almost 30% most people don't realize how much of the economy has been propped up by crypto, a large number of younger people have 100% of their net worth in cryptos
  14. good point great wealth usually isn't generated by buying something super high and watching it go higher
  15. those "fortune favors the brave" cringeworthy ads mushed us
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