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  1. in the past 22 yrs, boston has 4 world series titles, 6 super bowl wins, nba championship, stanley cup win
  2. here we go again with the nonsense i came back because i thought you were done posting, that's how horrible you are if you had a brain or any decency whatsoever you would look in the mirror and ask what makes you such a complete asshole that even strangers want nothing to do with you on the internet people will leave a website just because you are there, and you take some kind of pride in that
  3. i've been to the temporary... it's just a giant tent, and there isn't even a kiosk or ticket taker for the sportsbook, although there are signs for circa sportsbook
  4. the way i read it was that YOUR NIECE (in a class of 100) never saw kutcher until graduation day... so i said maybe his backstory was made up and he just showed up for graduation you totally misunderstood what i was saying, and i misunderstood what you were saying
  5. baffert can't help juicing just like ja morant can't help waving guns around on instagram
  6. many celebrities like ashton kutcher have made-up back stories in a class of 100 it's weird that someone wouldn't know the type of egomaniac narcissist that it takes to be an actor... especially if someone was arrested breaking into the school... how would any student NOT know that story i would be interested in seeing your niece's original high school yearbooks, weird that i can see his 4th-5th grade yearbook online
  7. i guess we're supposed to believe this, even though the test is on one laptop, and the results are on a totally different laptop? unless the command button moved places, and the laptop changed from silver to black while you were taking the test
  8. i think everyone named brown should be brown, and everyone named white should be white i don't get a white rabbit only to find out that it's black
  9. if not now, just wait until these cities are more than 50% black like milwaukee, cleveland, detroit if you only need a simple majority in milwaukee to pass a bill that every black person gets $5 million, then of course it will pass
  10. weird how the jordan vs kobe debate totally changed to jordan vs lebron... and nobody even mentions kobe any more and nobody ever mentions wilt chamberlain, who is certainly the GOAT
  11. yeah i meant the hotel, i edited while you were responding stayed in a room with dirty sheets, had it free for a few days, i'm not a total snob and i appreciate the view and the location
  12. the hotel is now a dump but the view is much better than it was in the early days (when they gave you that gondola ride to the elevators)... upper level is a really cool view into the atrium i was in the luxor about a year ago for blue man group, i was part of the show (holding that bullseye that sprays you) and washing blue paint off of my arm in the bathroom... the water was scalding hot these younger drunk guys came in, the one guy yells out "wow that water is hot as FUKK" and i think i laughed for the next 5 minutes
  13. that might have been my first foray into advantage gambling, one of the most fun and most illegitimate... maybe those go hand in hand only other mispay i remember was the camel version of sigma derby at the luxor, that thing was spitting out extra quarters and making so much noise that i had to leave it way too early
  14. my favorite story at that ballys was eating at sbarro about 20 yrs ago, and stumbling upon a blackjack machine that was spitting out $3 for every $2 win, whether it was blackjack or not... think i emptied about $300-400 out of it before the change light came on and i ran away with the buckets lol
  15. same with milwaukee, some schools that were 0-5% a couple generations ago are now 90%
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