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  1. that's like asking a barber if you need a haircut a patient cured is a customer lost... doctors want to keep everyone sick and dependent on the healthcare system... if everyone got exercise and ate better, big pharma/healthcare would go broke
  2. yeah their ribs are quite good also they have a bbq chicken with a tasty red sauce, and here in milwaukee it's only $22 with 2 sides... i have that meal quite a bit, no idea why it's so cheap relative to that prime rib... same sides and yet it's $22 for a half chicken instead of $59 for a much smaller fatty steak
  3. is landers gonna show up at summerfest TODAY at least? hopefully he is in the front row for 3rd eye blind, then i can feel comfortable in the 2nd row with a clean view
  4. since i have no idea who is giving me a ride, i might not get there in time for blue oyster cult (3:30)
  5. you're an hour away from summerfest and avril... and you're fukking around watching losing teams play baseball in a big gay bar?
  6. why does everyone get excited about college football? to me it's a bunch of fat dumb white losers watching skinny black guys, that are even dumber but yet are in "college" weird world we live in
  7. is this fukker playing with a full deck? -fishy
  8. who cares it's a fucking pizza, even a blind retard could make a pizza that tastes good
  9. everyone that is "getting it" has been vaccinated i don't know any unvaxxed getting sick in the past few months... so many vaxxed getting colds (oh sorry "covid") in the middle of summer which is ridiculously unusual, since vitamin d levels (sunlight) are at their highest i would guess that 90% of people getting a cold in the past month have never really had a summer cold in their entire lives before now... and they're only getting it now because the jabs literally gave them AIDS
  10. anyone that still thinks injecting ANYONE with toxic materials is good for their health, is nothing more than brainwashed "oh but it's still good for those immuno-compromised people..." if they lied about everything else, why would they be telling the truth that the vaccine works to reduce symptoms in at-risk individuals? proven that the media/govt lied about -source of virus (now the w.h.o. admits it came from lab) -2 weeks to slow the spread, then we go back to normal -masks will never be mandatory -jabs will never be mandatory to travel or keep your job -if you take the vaccines you won't get or spread covid -etc etc etc
  11. kolzig i disagree about the "can't do too much at once"... within the span of a year, freedom to assemble/speech/movement/run your business/health freedom/etc, those were all taken away people were forced to close their businesses and churches, and to keep a job people were forced to take experimental vaccines that were neither safe nor effective, and that they didn't want or need and nobody in the government or media apologizes or even admits that any of that happened
  12. some truth to that what i have always felt, it is for the great reset/replacement... where middle class whites keep shrinking, helped by sterilization through vaccines/boosters... while borders are wide open every single agenda points to population reduction and replacement... why would a government/media that hates healthy babies want more babies? that's why they keep showing every protest of a handful of people wanting abortions... while they denied that vaccine mandate protests even happened, with hundreds of thousands of people
  13. "you got to put in front of them that you don't got to rush the process" "guys that's fighting to get they contracts" omfg this is torture to anyone that went through school for broadcasting or journalism
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