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  1. no i'm ready to leave i come here to have fun, not be irritated... have a nice life, oh wait i meant fukk off!
  2. no, in fact you're BAD at posting, jokes, weaves, and overall humanity place was better without you, but you know that
  3. yeah fukk hamlin after that nonsense with the DQ that bookmaker still never graded correctly
  4. jeez guys criticizing the looks of someone that doesn't even post here is downright CLASSLESS grow the fukk up and have some goddam human decency
  5. are those pm's from you showing up as "read"? that would prove it's hurry logging in, and not just his girlfriend turning on his laptop?
  6. i wonder what would make landers/runner change their mind -suspect says it was a sex thing gone wrong, they would think he's lying -suspect says he likes to go for a run at 2am with a hammer, just got lucky that security guys were all on a smoke break, and none of the cameras worked, they think that's the truth
  7. i don't think anyone said it was totally fake, but the story we have been told is so ridiculously unbelievable that it has to be wrong
  8. same here, after betislands (2012?) i no longer went to sbr events just like teddy in this thread... maybe they feel guilty about stuff they did so they call people thieves who have never stolen anything
  9. remember yesterday when you said i buried myself, on a bet that ended up winning this is some weird karma
  10. the only thing "democrats" have is that they can try to claim some weird moral superiority every time someone that is right-leaning does anything wrong they make everything political because deep down they know they are on the side of pure evil and faggery
  11. you probably have a strain of cry-baby-itis, not covid man up, grow a pair, and let's fukking goooo! we got games!
  12. i don't know if i can take anymore how long are they gonna keep DEWing this
  13. that story is starting to sound pelosi-like maybe cougar jerked him off
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