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  1. daly is still playing rd 2 by the way, so i don't know how that pic could be after rd 2
  2. i think it was in his book, that after the british open win, he lost all the winnings and more in vegas playing something like a $5k slot at the wynn
  3. impossible whopper also $6.69, and regular whopper $5.99, that surprised me a bit today since i usually get pretty good burger king deals on the app when a value meal at bk is $10 why don't i just fukking eat at chili's for about the same price
  4. seems to be why housing prices crash a lot harder in places like miami/vegas/phx... inherited or retirement wealth, rather than income crazy that i still see condos on the strip in vegas going for 700-800k when they sold for 200-300k in 2012... i would argue the future looked a lot brighter in 2012 and that condo was 10 years newer, so why should it be so much higher now? inflation yes that accounts for a large amount of it, but come on!
  5. in a fair election, i think it would be a republican landslide what are you seeing down there? even the liberal-leaning people i talk to here think biden and everyone that has been hired is worthless... when i explain that they have only been hired for being female, minority, or gay, they call me crazy and then look it up and apologize a few days later lol
  6. yeah even black babies don't want to suck on those nasty black titties!
  7. for now we're getting to the point where some of the restaurants around here haven't raised prices much, and it's probably cheaper in a lot of cases to get the food at the restaurant! there's a high-end grocery store near me with a $8.99/lb lunch buffet, and they have large shrimp on there that they also sell 20 feet away for $19.99/lb lol
  8. yes, it was pretty weird, the episodes i watched he was just sitting around playing a ukelele lol
  9. i don’t think he opened them 18 mos ago, that was just for price comparison purposes
  10. same way it helped in 2020, mail-in ballot fraud … watch 2000 mules
  11. why should the government have ANYTHING to do with providing baby formula? somehow the dumbasses in this country think it's a good idea to take a shitload of planes overseas to buy formula and bring it back as if we just have a shitload of planes, pilots, etc just sitting around waiting to do that when the same incompetent, corrupt people that created these crisis (fauci, us govt, pfizer, etc) say they are going to fix them, we should run
  12. i think those of us with a brain know that life will never be good again just a question of how bad it will get
  13. i have been drinking at least 60 oz of regular soda every day for 30+ years... so by your math i should weigh somewhere around 10,000 lbs lololol please explain to me how daly's stomach would be any fatter drinking regular soda
  14. good point the best cure for high prices... is high prices! i would call it a planned recession/depression, biden is just the stooge that allowed excessive money printing and theft/fraud now we have an entire generation or 2 of worthless bums and faggs, even if the factories ever came back to the usa, 95% of the population of the usa is lazy fucking pricks that wouldn't be able to make anything or work hard
  15. yeah, everything i have read says it gives you a bigger gut than regular soda because of all the fake sugar i mean, seriously, how big does he possibly think his stomach would be drinking regular coke? almost physically impossible to be bigger lol
  16. same reason kingrevolver's posts were often unreadable
  17. over $5 for diesel fuel over $6 for jet fuel what a disaster
  18. i had a $500 iowa freeplay on the freaking reds wasn't really paying attention other than the score, then heard about the no hitter and damn near shit myself i should at least get the freeplay back for that bullshit
  19. i had a pretty good buffet here at rhythm city for $32 ribs, italian beef, fried chicken, prime rib (i didn't try), salad, desserts, etc that is expensive but at least somewhat fair for a dinner... no way anyone gets $104 worth, especially when a 14 oz ny strip there is 52 with the same sides
  20. or downtown milwaukee with 2 separate shootings last night i feel much more likely to shoot someone here in fukking iowa
  21. sorry was there on wed/thurs here’s my series of undortunate events yesterday -give rythym city 2k for 14 days -lose 2k -they give me free tix for air supply yesterday and sound check -i am about to take pic at sound check -dumb bitch says no pics at sound check -i go ape shit and say “it’s fukking air supply and i just gave you 4000 fukking dollars -security arrives and says get out of sound check -i should’ve been arrested for what i said/did but it’s iowa
  22. kolzig i never heard a single person say something bad about viking cruises, it’s probably 30-0 positive i would need unlimited booze though
  23. no but a flute up my ass might be more exciting than this place
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