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  1. This is the 1st readable thread on the main stage in 6 months have a good trip pal is Dingo walking your cats and watering your plants while you are gone? you can’t be in AZ and not get a Lou’s deep dish with Kinger Guy and see how he’s doing pal he’s harmless just make sure you order a fresh drink from the bartender when you get back from the powder room if you meet him guy hasn’t posted in forever which means he’s probably back up to 280 plus
  2. Bought at 20 got up to 32 I held at $18 now can’t make this shit up
  3. You guys seeing this SCKT today? I got it late but we all missed the boat on that one
  4. Broker... what’s going on with ITRM in your opinion ? Still a hold or move on? Thanks
  5. How high do you see it going?
  6. One of the discord groups I’m in has been recommending Biolase did some research looks like a good opportunity. I jumped in for a little
  7. Agreed I’m holding everything... when SNDL gets back to 3.25-3.40 I’ll dump it.
  8. Wonder what’s happening with SNDL very odd for this much of a swing
  9. Well that part is good
  10. Hell of a day broker I’m going to try and do something similar to you. Try to make 100-200 a day and stack it and see how high I can get there you’re killing it though for sure
  11. Any interest in switching this group to text or what’s app in case this place shuts down?
  12. SNDL 3.20 and still rising after hours
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