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  1. Brock is going to Texas Roadhouse next to put thousand island dressing on an authentic t bone “fresh from the cattle ranch” from Sysco
  2. We all thought you caught aids from that 65 year old meth head hooker welcome back pal you over/under 275 these days? how’s the “girlfriend”?
  3. You’ll be fIne pal… it’s the equivalent of pushing all in with J high hoping the other player folds
  4. Are you traveling on Adam’s Western Union rewards points for all the 5 dimes deposits you made under his name over the years pal?
  5. Pal no one smokes anymore besides you
  6. Is Landers back in town?
  7. Let me get with my account Joey first and we’ll work up a counter
  8. if he ever ponies up to play joey heads up for 1k like he wanted to a few months ago he could win and start cleaning up his forum ledger
  9. So Brock… 2 years ago we played a heads up poker game and I beat you like the 4 other times prior. That last game you wanted to add a side bet of fancy $300 dinner. I said sure. Anyways it’s been 2 years and you’ve never paid up. since you’re our generation of Anthony Bourdain of the South, I don’t feel comfortable meeting you for a meal due to the pandemic still rearing it’s ugly head. would you like to PayPal me or send me a gift card to clear up this financial obligation you still have with me? pleaee advise
  10. I’m sure all the whole food patrons will be happy to know the midge handled every ladle and tongs at the food bar after having his finger halfway up his nose all day wiping his boogers on his Hyundai steering wheel inbetween his feedings
  11. No shit they are all identical would have been funny to see him load up the container thinking it was all you can eat and being charged $43 for his 5 pounds of food
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