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  1. Better watch your mouth or you might get banned again like yesterday for spamming the sub forum like some lunatic 🤡 ive never been banned from poker like you have
  2. Your life will be much easier once you admit your love for men pal.. don’t be scared stripper we accept you and for the record you haven’t taken anyone’s money nice try
  3. Red Stripe was telling us he bought this for Hanky Poo last night during our game
  4. Someone please knock Deemer out so we all don’t have to spend the next year listening to him talking shit
  5. Makes sense, get back to the table pal. Red has been getting smacked around so much we’re about to change his name to Chris Rock
  6. Make a video pitch and post it on the forum and we can do a TGF shark tank and see if we can rattle out an investor or two for you pal
  7. Pal that may be delicious but you need to make that more visually appealing if you’re going to sell that. That looks like a jar of vomit
  8. I love wings but 10-12 if they are breaded and I can knock down a couple dozen if they are naked. Not much pizza after though maybe a slice or 2 max
  9. Check it out pals most of you will like it Kinger you will love it (for real)
  10. I thought one of your $10 bets just hit
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