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  1. Well there are only 13 of us so this should be a quick thread
  2. How’s the stock price of Alberta Oil these days?
  3. I always knew the Merry Men were a huge fan of Cox
  4. I can pay Rich my $100 let me know if that’s cool or you prefer I send it to you IAg
  5. Congrats pal it was either me or you with the FG or TD
  6. Lol no skin in this game other than my hate for the Cowboys pal
  7. Is jimmy still banging the porn star?
  8. Aiyuk and Deebo are insanely good
  9. This team couldn’t even win an XFL championship, my Battlehawks would crush them McCarthy will be fired by Tuesday after this embarrassing showing
  10. Pods are pricier but I think you can definitely taste the difference I’ve cut down on my Starbucks runs since I’ve bought it
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