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  1. The one I went to this morning was closed too, was fucking pissed
  2. Lol once moldy told me it was a bad play the entire board will be on them now
  3. Pal wtf you doing at a subway? Place is garbage
  4. Hoops

    Dodgers LMAO

    We had our chances pretty much every inning … Dodgers weren’t expecting this close of a battle
  5. Hoops

    Dodgers LMAO

    Simmer down pal, Dodgers ain’t winning this game
  6. Hoops

    Dodgers LMAO

    Agreed best pitcher vs best pitcher
  7. Hoops

    Dodgers LMAO

    One thing we can all agree on… a 4 hour baseball game to watch is brutal
  8. Hoops

    Dodgers LMAO

    I was wondering that .. who you on here AXL, we all want to know pal
  9. Hoops

    Dodgers LMAO

    I thought the Dodgers were elite? getting into their BP in the 5th will be huge for us if this goes to extras
  10. Hoops

    Dodgers LMAO

    Cards will get a bomb soon
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