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  1. Just sent invite to CY.. still need emails for DS and CHI ARHIE
  2. Superflex allow a qb if you all don’t want a 2nd QB we can do 2 flexes but it seems a few want defense and kickers in too so we need to figure that part out first so everyone vote YES or NO kickers and defense or replace with 2 flex positions tbd
  3. No shit… gamblers are a finicky crowd. 4 people threaten to quit if something isn’t to their specifications in the last 10 posts
  4. My real draft with your friends is on Monday but I can make Tuesday work if everyone else can. As a backup we don’t need a live draft. I can set it up with a timer over a week or two period. I did a best ball draft this way and it was fine
  5. We can try a different day, how about the Saturday before during the day?
  6. Everyone vote… majority rules Option 1: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, Flex, K, D option 2: swap out k and D and add Super Flex
  7. If we have no one on the west coast we can do it earlier in the day. Hoffa you want to pick draft order pal?
  8. I set it up 1/2 point ppr.. QB RB RB WR WR TE Flex Superflex No defenses or kickers. i did the default scoring. If you all want bonus for over 100/ 300 yards let me know. also, I just picked a draft day of Sunday, 08/28 at 8:30 PM CST If that’s a 100% no go for any of you respond in thread
  9. I sent invites to: deemer iag TN NBW Mike bateman i still need emails for cy, Downsouth, and chi Archie
  10. Gonna work on it today pal
  11. Thanks I’ll put something together and hopefully everyone is cool with it
  12. Just need you guys to tell me what site to set this up at and are we standard, ppr? Flex/no flex? QB, get 4 or 6 points?
  13. Everyone who’s in, PM me the email address you want to use for invite
  14. That works.. what site do you want to use and I’ll set it up
  15. If someone is covering my fee I’ll commish. I do it for my other league too, let me know
  16. Please leave poster’s wives out of your comments “The Hoffmeister”
  17. All these people enjoying a tour and having to watch Webster smash a po boy with his face covered in remolaude Just like Deb at the Chapter 7 speed dating happy hour 25 years ago
  18. Joey get the fuck in here. Brock too (post up only of course)
  19. Can’t we grab a couple of juice free pals?
  20. Bateman was a nice addition last night, hope to see you around more pal
  21. What are you trying to do. western Union?
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