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  1. Got a new sound system and a desk, after years after slamming my fist on the desk from bullshit ways to lose my bets, it's finally time to let it rest in peace.
  2. I 'd still put OSU at #4 over USC even if USC wins tonight. USC lost to Utah, even though OSU lost at home, it's still the 2nd best team in the country, some might even bump Michigan as #1 over Georgia.
  3. Ryan Day was never good, just about every game since he took over OSU has struggled to win big games, or just barely squeak out wins where they should be dominating the game. Any average coach can do what he can with the recruiting OSU gets jsut from the name and the insane money that gets poured in. They should just fire him
  4. After Qatar is done, should we expect the Qatari military to step in and wipe out all those fan tents and sleeping places and cancel the rest of the tournament and make everyone leave?
  5. Fucking Lewandoski. Biggest upset of the tournament by Saudi Arabia, and now the biggest choke of the tournament all in the same day..
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