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  1. 99.44%? Man, you're slipping... Used to be 100%, 100% of the time...
  2. wow, I'm lost for words... That games going to be an instant classic...
  3. wait that can't be sleepy, he doesn't work, doesn't apply for job interviews, and he's a pro gambler. must be a ghost account where the i is capitalized to make it look like an L on his name..
  4. Avril Mike made me some good money on his stock tips, where's milky with some more tips
  5. do we need to put the chiefs on the prideless fucks list tonight?
  6. LOL! Fair enough, this is gambling forum dot com afterall...!! I think.... for the most part....
  7. Definitely don't recall steering Avril the wrong way with doge.
  8. So is BTC going to do another 40k fake out and triple top and take a massive shit, or is it going to punch through this time....
  9. I guess I should get ready to unload my doggy coin too, fucking Musk, all he does is tweet on the sidelines.. IAG, give me 1 coin that I should gamble with. Not BTC, ETH and few other coins that are mainstream, I already have.
  10. I still have, I posted the ones I did sell and I bought, it's still posted here somewhere, just gotta dig around lol. I also have plenty of shitcoins i did buy that hurts. Fun times.. What a time we live in folks.. Doge coin killing me.. I don't buy into hypes but bought for the fun of it, sometimes you gotta cheer for the underDOG...
  11. Nothing bidenbucks can't fix if u shit the bed, buy the doge!
  12. u always take what i say seriously...😢
  13. I guess we now know, who Chapo's ghost is!!
  14. dibs on the sneaker collection.. J/K Praying for the best pal!
  15. It's funny and the majority of them who does shit the bed and lose money, aren't the one asking for bail out, they take the loss like a champ.. Corporations and bank does teh same exact thing and ask for bailout every single time.. And they say it's for our protection... LOL...
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