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  1. This is in southwest Washington. Thank you and good to see you 🙌
  2. Thank you, gents. In 2017 I lost everything materialistic in a divorce but got my little one 50%. Nose to the grindstone, no excuses, and can’t believe I am where I am
  3. It’s a pretty fun bachelor pad. Hot tub, pool, nice deck, and decent gym. There’s also a disc golf course out back—haven’t played..is it fun? After my divorce in 2017 and I walked away from just about everything, I never imagined I’d be able to buy a place like this so soon. great to see my poker amigos. I’ll jump back in—maybe next weekend. IAG, I also am doing crypto the same as you. Gl on you bets tomorrow
  4. Miss my TGF friends. Hope you’re all well. Poker still a thing? No major updates for me—just bought a new house in the woods. Hope you’re all prosperous
  5. I have a cpa. She does her job once a year but is not much of an advisor on strategies and such throughout the year—feels like what I need is outside of her lane. Maybe a new CPA? Or is the the norm from CPAS? Wish I had a biz mentor in the area who has been there and done that
  6. I’ve talked to two financial planners and they just feel so slimy to me
  7. I need advice. Built the biz up and am making good money. No business debt. No personal debt. Doing good in crypto too. I made $300k as an llc in 2020. Expect to make more this year. What do I do?—Paid an insane amount in 2020 and it’s gonna be uglier this year. This side is new to me and I am probably missing so many things.
  8. cashed out my doge just shy of $100k. Put it all on Dot. Leggo!!!!
  9. congrats. Sounds like a great find--not easy in today's world of shallowness.
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