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  1. Pence left, because he arrived at the wrong ball game. If hearing the anthem offends you, arrive a few minutes later to the ball game or better yet, don't attend.
  2. She was on Ellen Degeneres the other day. Her prime days are behind her, but she was my number 1 for over a decade. Nikki Minaj has taken up the number 1 these days in my book.
  3. Deemer, when you gonna spend some of those points?
  4. Mr In here. I deposit to show support to the forums that make me money. TGF made me some money.
  5. Yea. I read the fine print. moneyline bets do not count towards rollover. They want straight bets before it counts towards rollover.
  6. Nothing new. I went there to bet college hoops and all I got was, you must bet at least one game when I hit continue. Got in some bets though, couldn't give Bookmaker the business.
  7. Why are you in a rush. Gamble elsewhere . Bookmaker annoys me with late lines too.
  8. I beg to differ. I believe the rust belt got Trump elected.
  9. Patriots fan here. Almost every week that goes by, another win for the Patriots, no matter who is at QB.
  10. Sounds like a basketball team that can score 115 points a game, but allows opponents 125 points per game.
  11. eberetta1

    Romo Time?

    How sick. How can the Giants have Dallas' number?
  12. Way better than choosing Rudy Giuliani or Mitt Romney.
  13. Have you watched any of the three The Expendables movies? It's like a Rocky Balboa family get together.
  14. That's a lot of touches. Other than Isaiah Thomas, LeBron is the only reason I give a rip about the NBA. Self made man and over 7000 assists to back it up.
  15. What an embarrassing product the NBA offers.
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