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  1. I remember when sunbeam used to make all kinds of crap - I had a sunbeam snow blower.
  2. The good news is now that gas is rising again inflation will surge as well. That'll finish biden off.
  3. Latest report is we tried to bribe them - we said we'd purchase oil from them to refill the SPR at $80 if they dont cut production. that's the lamest offer ever, by cutting production the price will be higher than $80(perhaps a lot higher) and we HAVE to refill it anyway. All the US does is threaten countries and treat them like they're stupid.
  4. i dont know if I've ever had a bad chicken sandwich - the problem is they're not THAT good. I'm sure that sandwich is very tasty, the fact he's desperate for others to try it is very strange.
  5. But there are areas that are flooded, etc, near you right? Surely they need help too?
  6. As i recall sol always claims to be conservative but mostly criticizes republicans, he'll always find a reason not to vote for real - he'd vote libertarian and act like he's "fair".
  7. He could leave his dog outside since the weather is nice.
  8. The absurd thing about geraldo's quote is that hispanics in florida are mostly cubans, they have no love of left wing biden policies or failed immigration policies.
  9. You dog is on it's last legs right? how is staying home all day going to benefit him or you, get your ass down there and earn some money - I'm sure you could get cash if you wanted. You could drive down and back every day right?
  10. Hey buddy, cant you get work on the cleanup? you live near the damage area dont you?
  11. The fraud geraldo riveria is seething with hate and frustration.
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