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  1. The article says she drew "bipartisan condemnation), then it lists adam kinzinger as the lone republican. He's the biggest pussy republican there is.
  2. Nope, dont see any deep meanings, that's why i asked you.
  3. You're brave sleepy, the gophers suck and prob wont even make the tourny IMO.
  4. Report: China Subjected U.S. Diplomats to Anal Coronavirus Tests 546 STR/AFP via Getty Images John Hayward 25 Feb 20211,096 3:25 An unnamed U.S. State Department official said Wednesday that Chinese officials required an unspecified number of American diplomatic personnel to submit to anal testing for Chinese coronavirus. The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Thursday denied any such testing had occurred. The unnamed State Department official told Vice News about the alleged anal swabs Wednesday: “The
  5. Attacking posters who haven't attacked you first is pathetic raise, it means you lost your argument. You never did fill us in on why biden not getting a 21 gun salute was important? Why it is not what it appears.
  6. Most likely she was in the hospital and was put in this transition care facililty that medicare pays for, my mom went through the same thing, medicare pays for something like 14 or 21 days and the facility wants every dime, my mom was much better after a week and we wanted to take her home, we had to jump through all kinds of hoops(which took like 2 more days) to get it done. So the family is not paying for it and has little power, it's completely fucked up. They just kept pressuring us to keep her there because medicare was paying for it.
  7. This is how you deal with maskers.
  8. Trumps giving that CPAC speech this week right? Let me guess, he'll complain about the election, complain about the tax rulings, say that no one in history has ever been treated so unfairly, in short he'll address all the topics that america really cares about.
  9. Thanksgiving surge - didn't happen Christmas surge - didn't happen talahassee college football championship surge - didn't happen super bowl surge - didn't happen Double whammy of flu and covid this winter - didn't happen Yet they keep trying to scare people...hmmmm.
  10. I wonder they would recommend not getting flu shots, since there's no flu?
  11. masks forever. UK Health Authorities Announce Not A Single Case Of Flu Detected This Year by Tyler Durden Thursday, Feb 25, 2021 - 2:00 Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News, Health authorities in England have announced that not a single case of influenza has been detected this year, with one professor suggesting that mask wearing should be kept in place during winter to drive down flu deaths to “zero.”
  12. Sounds like he's not going to do a state of the union address either, I wonder what that means?
  13. He's an old man who's been wearing the same suit since he lost 100+ lbs, so they used to be pushed out by his blubber, now he just pulls them up higher and his belt does the job. Admittedly not the sexiest look. He's no doubt suffering on tinder.
  14. Ouch, check out the high rise pants,
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