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  1. Sleep tight my ukrainian brothers, pleasant dreams. feb 6.mp4
  2. This man epitomizes the current ukrainain army. 💥💥💥 A captured AFU fighter told how he was literally taken in the street and left to fight. He was on his way back from work and the military registration and enlistment office officers got in his way. Already at the front line the commanders simply abandoned their subordinates. When Russian soldiers came to their positions Martynenko together with others in the trench made the only right decision - to surrender and save his life. While in captivity, he was given first aid and provided with food and clothing. 💥💥💥
  3. I'm trying to place your avatar, i assume it's some dictator from the past, prob from latin america?
  4. Wow, good to hear, I was always one of hurry's biggest supporters, I would welcome him back with open arms if he'd just settle up and offer the slightest of apologies.
  5. At least he's not relaying messages from brock.
  6. Do you really need all that? Assuming you put on some bleach at a high concentration it's dead, no need to slather on all that slop. It's good that the wood wasn't rotted.
  7. Looks like it's taken 2 - 2 1/2 months for elon to turn it around, all those workers who walked off the job because they were asked to work hard, I wonder how they feel now?
  8. I'll repeat, NO NBA talk, ever. This is not negotiable.
  9. I heard the gophers coach say that his team gave it everything they had. Just imagine if they didn't give 100%?
  10. I'm dependent on you for these updates kinger since I dont go to whatever site you're grabbing this crap from.
  11. Still waiting to hear who the "big time gambler" was that he had dinner with? Did I miss it?
  12. george santos claimed this morning that he was the pilot that downed the chinese balloon.
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