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  1. The only way to save democracy is to eradicate the democratic party.
  2. My gal marjorie with more truth.
  3. You're the guy who claims the white house switched to cheap toilet paper when Biden arrived.
  4. We're trying to help you - you know the deal, men offer suggestions not understanding.
  5. When i go to the home, please dont dress me in wrinkled clothes.
  6. Raise and IAG ganging up on me.
  7. I set the price - it was $239.9(it was a quad townhome), he said that might be a tad high but was within range - he suggested 230, I said lets try this and see what happens, it happened. realtors like it to be easy for them. When you're really ready to sell, which apparently isn't now, just find a realtor and list it, then see what happens.
  8. I love my wainescoating...but I would never paint it white.
  9. WVU offered you 240, and No, zillow does not assume 50 year houses are remodeled to appear to be new. Update schmupdate, you said the house was clean and well maintained, that's all that matters. When my mom died 6 years ago and I listed it with a realtor he recommended all kinds of nonsense, painting, carpet cleaning, etc, I ended up listening to his suggestion to take down all the old lady drapes and curtains - it sold the first day at list. Realtors are frequently full of shit.
  10. Huh, you now have a realtor, which guy is that? I just dont see people getting deep into plans to remodel houses they dont own. You were offered $240K already, these guys lowered it to $220, and I assume there would still be a commission. If your house was zillowed at 260 it could prob go a bit higher.(perhaps in the spring). Who said he can shop more investors - the realtor? that's not his job, his job is to list it if you sign.
  11. I'm not sure about that - what she said was "they" would like to do some serious renovation, but it's not their house, so they aren't doing anything. They see a woman who really doesn't want to spend time and money fixing it up, then they imply that's the only way she can do better, and it's all designed to get her to say "I'll just sell right now, I want this to end".
  12. From the reports I heard, the parents said(after many weeks of doing nothing) that they were going to go out and look for him. Then they supposedly stumbled upon evidence of his stuff, etc, and possibly a body, almost immediately. I'm not buying that one.
  13. So they dropped the offer overnight hoping you were hooked, then they threw a wrench into everything and implied the only way you could do better is if you demolish your well kept, nice house. And let me get this straight, they said "well, if you spend a lot to improve the place", they'll be willing to list it", that's real white of them. IMO they are unethical scammers, never deal with them again.
  14. I'm going to drop all pretense for a min, I dont think mccains flag was anymore wrinkled than any of the others we've seen, I think talk of wrinkled flags on coffins foretelling events or as signals is utterly ridiculous. You're sick sir, mentally ill, consumed by phantom conspiracies that dont exist.
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