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  1. That plant supplies 30% of ukraines electricity - some going to ukrainian areas, some to russian areas. If i was the russians I would turn it off and at the same time destroy ukraine's other thermal plants, winter is coming, they'd have no electricity and at the same time not enough gas.
  2. Nonsense, the r's will gain seats, the polls are prob fake and mean nothing anyway.
  3. So the monkeypox vaccine doesn't work either.
  4. Translation...it's Bar S baloney and salami.
  5. Imagine waking up in the night and finding your wife strangling kittens in the kitchen for fun?
  6. Partially true, but at least I dont make boxed rice a roni and pretend it's a fancy spanish dish. I zoomed in on that pic you posted, looked like cut up cold cuts(baloney, etc) masquerading as fine meats.
  7. I've been called a lot of things but never a hillbilly I think I like it..
  8. mikeman

    There Here.

    Do you wear your pants low too, showing off them boxers like the brothers?
  9. By the way, what's saffron? Is it a spice, only time I've heard of it is from the song.
  10. Yup, it's just like when brock falls for fancy ramen with veggies and they call it PHO to charge $15.
  11. This is what russias TOS" flamethrower" weapon does. it's not really a flamethrower but it is devastating.
  12. Correct, since this is the first time I've heard of it.
  13. In wisconsin they call them wing dings, usually on a wed.
  14. Not bad, what do people earn? Is your wife going to work part time while she goes to school?
  15. How much are rentals in Portugal? Are most utilities included?
  16. looks good but it's rice a roni with some meat and shrimp added. No need for a fancy name.
  17. The place i went today - clydes roadhouse, is more classy and a bit more pricey, $4.50 for a tall beer(prob 22 ounces), a gin n tonic is $3.50, they charge more for food too, $7-8, I dont get food very often there.
  18. I've told you guys, I can have 4-5 drinks plus food for $15, get out the door for less than 20. My buddy is cheap, way, way cheaper than me, he'll have 5 drinks, no food and tips $2-3 max. $12 total
  19. They're busy as heck with people slurping down the $2 drinks, so they're making money on the alcohol...sorta
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