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  1. i was on my knees big big bet on lions today Happy Holidays VD :
  2. 100% the truth not saying it was you. thanks
  3. i changed it becuase it was changed along time ago to #1 troll so i figured 2 could play that game i had no problem with it reading member etc but someone along time ago decided to change it to troll wonder who that was?
  4. lol so i just click that and see that? i dont see any members below either it shows o online o guests etc go smoke another pipe mikey
  5. well that is a good fucking question i have no idea i just know what i see jfc
  6. took SF 16 weeks to score offense td in 1st qtr of a game
  7. flag on 3rd and goal 4 more chances shocking
  8. never fails sammy anytime i bet them
  9. You do not have permission to view the member listing. Need Help? Our help documentationContact the community administrator
  10. yes i make it up fuck i cant even see member list lol
  11. sf gonna score on opening drive jfc
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