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  1. And now its "Trump World" ... even Fox News is starting to see the writing on the wall and is slowly turning on the big cheeto
  2. Finland, Sweden, and Turkey are signing a trilateral memorandum – a crucial step towards a NATO invite to Finland and Sweden, which will strengthen Alliances and bolster collective security! Fuck You Putin! Job well done Joe Biden keep bringing the world together against this wanna be tyrant. Joe B a world wide patriot
  3. 100% agree. But if your are M Obama do you really want to get mixed up in that nasty world when u already have it all? I just don't see it. Now Hillary well she is already invested so maybe she tries to get back in, I just don't think she has any real chance of winning at this point and I wouldn't lose any of my money betting on her even at those juicy odds.
  4. I think a lot of what u said there is correct. She is much more likable than Hilary will ever be and she has a name that many will vote for without seeing a single political debate or ad which always makes a difference. But there is one problem. She has never shown any real want to be in office and I just find a hard time seeing why she would even run at this point. She is out there living her best life etc so just seems like she isn't "interested" in the headache's that come with a whole campaign and job if she were to win.
  5. Question now is how long before Republicans completely turn on him. Clearly after all this he has now become a nuclear mess politically and he has no chance of ever winning another Presidential election that much is clear. We can see the tides turning in places like Fox News today which is starting to see the writing on the wall. Running Trump again makes Biden an automatic 2 term President at this point. Decisions Decisions ......
  6. Clearly you Trump-tards won't ever see what this man is. Sadly for what ever reasons (some of these are fairly clear) He isn't a Republican he is a con man and now a traitor. He wanted metal detectors removed so people with guns could be allowed to attack our own capital. He assaulted a secret service agent because he couldn't get down to the capital to help influence the hopeful insurrection. He tried to stay in office using a lie and everyone knew it was a lie - everyone knows clear as day there was no election fraud its been proven time and time again people in white house knew he knew yet he kept on lying in an effort to stay in power. He tried to get the vice president to lie and not certify an election for which he had no reason not to then he wanted to have him killed by an angry mob because he wouldn't go along with the big lie- which in itself was illegal. I sit here and say what kind of person Jimmy defends this kind of man. I think we all know
  7. minimal I would think. she is more than qualified but let's face it she just isn't all that liked or honestly likable.
  8. The testimony and evidence in these hearings makes Watergate look almost okay. The former cheeto n chief should end up in prison along with many of those around him.
  9. Really sorry to hear about the dog Kinger, condolences Good to see u around again
  10. You could be paying even higher gas prices in all of those other countries! Biden has done a great job at keeping prices here from being even more than what they could be as we see from this proof above! It's a global problem that Biden will get us through! Lowest unemployment in years has def helped as well but there is still a lot of work to be done.
  11. Jan. 6 committee establishes the Trump campaign was a complete grift — they raised $250 million after the election for the “Official Election Defense Fund” which did not exist and the money instead went to Trump hotels and his own Save America PAC Everyone around Trump knew the election wasn't stolen and Barr and other are now testifying to this under oath. This whole "stolen election - Big Lie" thing became one big grift. Trump has always been a remains a fucking con man who has now fooled many poor American's into thinking he was their god. Using racism and religion the Republican playbook for years now.
  12. Great stuff! sadly prize picks is not a thing down here yet
  13. Looked at this one and passed because I just couldn't find a strong enough lean either way. But now ya'll have me reconsidering lol
  14. BUT... guns are banned from tomorrow's NRA conference fucking cowards!
  15. Yes George is guy at HrWager. I am not sure as to any of that stuff (deposits etc) I only did some contest grading etc w/ them and he seemed like a nice enough guy was always willing to help and or toss something extra into the pot.
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