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  1. now Dr Seuss... thats going too far
  2. I can respect that and I appreciate that we can disagree respectfully.
  3. suck my ass you fucking traitor how bout that!
  4. lmao sure it does lol so delusional. and that is all the typing ill waste on this one
  5. see shit like this lol fuck you - how about that!
  6. I am honestly not trying to "own" anyone. I mean Raise is a batshit crazy pos and no one can really do anything with but mouthshit away as u would say lol I don't think Red, Jimmy, Mike, Tomorrow Newspaper, Sleepy etc are bad guys, But they are of the mindset now (or at least seems like) that if it isn't "Trumpism" then it has to be shit, I just don't buy into that. To me Trump isn't a Republican or a Democrat he is a con man. He was a Democrat way before a Republican but he changed sides because he figured his "messaging" worked better with GOP voters and the chance to make money w
  7. so far energy policies I am fine with most of what he has done with EO's as they are only short term things so how he goes from there we will see. I live in a heavy oil and gas state so I hope we take small steps toward green new energy here and not try and jump off a cliff all willy nilly. We will see how far and how fast his actually policy attempts are. Now on immigration I lean a bit more on the we need to be a bit more careful than we have in the past. so we should move forward slowly making sure we keep certain protocols and safe guards in place. But America was built by immigrant
  8. He cleaned up policy he did not like on immigration and covid mostly. We all know both sides have separate ways of looking at these things so he used EO's to begin a shift to what our side thinks is right way to handle these things, Fairly simple so I don't get whats so hard to understand here. Would take paragraphs as to how we differ on just those 2 big points, I really don't see a need to go there when we both know what these differences are. It is what he has used most of the EO's for so far
  9. Dude you think Trump is the still President ands runs the Military... ENOUGH SAID
  10. Biden has signed 34 exec orders! These orders don't really change policy or at least not the vast majority they simply signal a change in direction via the new administration on several things. Biden has used some of them to highlight changes in immigration policies which of course was expected. He used a couple to signal a new approach to the climate crisis and green new energy which again completely expected. Used a couple for new protections for the federal workforce, some for new ways to handle the Covid crisis as to PPE's and Vaccine distribution. One for new ethics standards for pe
  11. I have beaten your dumb hillbilly ass into the ground a few times with facts. because your too fucking stupid to know better doesn't mean it didnt happen
  12. Why answer when your not looking for facts or the truth, you just want mouthshits. Not worth the time and effort
  13. Honestly not much gets done with executive orders and many of those were simply undoing some of the ones Trump had signed. So all in all nothing real policy wise has been done yet so we wait and see how it goes and what direction and form they take.
  14. Its been a month. Hasn't had a chance to do much really. Once Covid bill is passed and we can see how vaccinations go, so far he has righted the ship there so we should all be happy about that, #s are up across the country and hopefully its quick enough to hold down the new variants, he had a whole lot to clean up. Then we can see where he goes with infrastructure, economy, and etc I won't agree with him across the board but if its more good than bad I will be okay with it. Any direction is better than the one we were previously heading in
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