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  1. Bill Kristol @BillKristol NEWSMAX SPIKES REPUBLICANS FOR THE RULE OF LAW AD! We'd reserved time this week on Newsmax for this ad. A few minutes ago their rep called to say they'd gotten word from on high they couldn't show it. I guess its consumer protection warning cut too close to home. @ForTheRuleOfLaw
  2. Even the Idiot's boss has finally recognized what he couldn't stop. The Idiot is freely criticizing anyone and everyone who has congratulated Biden. But he won't say word 1 to the guy who put him in power because he's a scared Pussy that knows who has been pulling the strings all along. . https://apnews.com/article/vladamir-putin-congratulate-joe-biden-226f031bbd7638be878c8f28f2d7b62d https://apnews.com/article/vladamir-putin-congratulate-joe-biden-226f031bbd7638be878c8f28f2d7b62d Russia’s Putin congratul
  3. Sol is in the NWO? 4Life? What's his NWO name?
  4. That's what happens when you deal with stiffs, as some TGFers are about to find out When Raise stiffs them in the election bets. Seriously BBB, you only have yourself to blame for funding the stiff and expecting to get paid back. His rep was well known and long standing.
  5. No one sane gives 2 shits about Hunter Biden. He can be found guilty of every tax crime he's accused of and it don't mean nothing to nobody except Hunter Biden, his bad tax accountant, and maybe his prison warden. Hunter Biden is and always was irrelevant, just another miscalculation by the Insane, traitorous Cultists.
  6. Nah Bitch, you're Freerolling, and won't pay the bets that you OBVIOUSLY lost. Seen STIFFS like you for years in Forumville. Lowest of the low.
  7. Never lied about anything Stiff Boy. You, OTOH Lie about EVERYTHING, and are setting up a stiff Job. That's pretty obvious.
  8. If you're acknowledging he won, pay your bets, Stiff Boy.
  9. I'm not mad, I'm calling EXACTLY what will happen, Stiff Boy. It's clear what you're setting up. I hate Stiffs, and you'll be one, just like Landers.
  10. He's a Traitor, that should be in jail, when Biden's Atty General takes over.
  11. It was. After the Idiot Stole the 2016 election, measures were taken to make this the most secure in US history. It worked, as the Idiots own person in charge of it indicated, before the Idiot fired him for telling the truth. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-54982360
  12. You are and will be proven to be a Stiff. WHEN Biden sworn in, you'll call it illegitimate and continue your nonsense, or you'll just disappear.
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