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  1. go woke go broke. eliminated in the group stage lol. focus on the football instead of the politics.
  2. Guy with the cig is Sammy Farha
  3. Yeah her daddy’s money.
  4. Yes he did and he swallowed every last drop.
  5. might as well. all 3 goalies they had were over 35 years old.
  6. that didn't take long. guy should've had Chicharito on the squad but wanted to be a tough guy and leave him off.
  7. Brazil will destroy them with their B team.
  8. Barely touching the QB and getting 15 yards is much worse.
  9. You’re the reason Roger Goodell makes over $60M every year.
  10. US will lose to the Netherlands.
  11. Guy takes out Gareth Bale at halftime and Wales quickly gives up 2 goals. Stupid fuk
  12. Yes BGS is gay. Guy stalks me because he wants to gobble my cook. He's an alcoholic who will probably off himself soon.
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