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  1. Hoffa and George's fault. Hoffa won't talk to me and George is hiding The Sand Box from guests. logging out now. bye
  2. yeah she somehow got the job handed to her after Farty Marty Walsh got picked by Biden. She had a baby at 16 typical black. Mayor job pays $199,000 JFC. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mayor_of_Boston
  3. OJ is alright. He did well in the 70's South Africa movie Diamond Mercenaries
  4. D-Hustle

    CM Punk

    CM Punk had a pretty good match in his debut.
  5. These variants are a joke. Delta did they name it after the airline? What’s next Southwest or Lufthansa?
  6. expect crime to be up this week
  7. looks like something brock's wife would like
  8. guy was 70 years old he's probably tits up
  9. Hopefully mr peanut didn’t impregnate any women in Massachusetts.
  10. world cup qualifiers game at 2:45 pm est +2 -101
  11. one less nigerian is always a good thing
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