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  1. Take another adderall, Brian
  2. Poker was cool in 2003
  3. close to 10 percent is peanuts.
  4. Frankfurt should be relegated immediately. down 0-5 at home at the half. what's the point of playing the 2nd half?
  5. Russell's rings don't count. league had like 6 teams. If he played today he'd be lucky to get 2 rings.
  6. I would like to get a job but it is impossible.
  7. Griner dissed the national anthem. let her rot in russia since she hates america.
  8. pic or it didn't happen.
  9. Let's see a pic of this lady.
  10. Yes I did. I made $0 last week. This week will probably be the same.
  11. Trump will have an eazy victory in 2024.
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