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  1. no kidding. you cant use the word to take advantage Russia vs USA in nuke war. that ends a religion. treat others with love, and hold on tight
  2. sinker fall into a p.floyd hole instead of maing a choice
  3. turn your t.v around. and watch from the other side
  4. that closer is unreal. he likely figured it was his best chance to get on base
  5. yep put that malcontent on ignore last week. best move ive ever made here. its like stuffing a superglued pair of socks in his mouth
  6. brock pretty bitter for a guy who went on 4 solo vacations (3 casinos, 1 tennis tournament) in the past 2 months
  7. pretty sure the entire thing is the temple mount and who wins it? Israel gained control over the Temple Mount during the 1967 Six-Day War when Israeli forces captured the Old City of Jerusalem, which includes the Temple Mount, from Jordan. After Israel took control of the Temple Mount, it granted the Islamic Waqf (see below) responsibility for the administration of the site.
  8. could see some sort of nukes go off in the region i bet. just in tel aviv anywhere else is holy land to everyone correct?
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