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  1. guy posted his own pics while drinking bud lights. then when pics got reposted months later he thought someone hacked his computer cause he didnt remember posting them. scared him off the forums
  2. lil guy needs a new virus outbreak
  3. past years when someone calls you busted out you post a bankroll screenshot. havent seen one of those in a very long time. just anger
  4. last night was like a guy on the show Cops banging his head against the inside of a cop car window. just trying to create damage at any cost lol
  5. "ill order the sandwich and fries" but will he pay for them?
  6. i just got here to florida. had to furnish a camper and help at this farm for a bit. i havent seen any craigslist ads in this area for quick hurricane cash. there was one from fema but that was down in ft myers. its ok my injuries are about gone except my shoulders are weak/painful but i have those resistance bands and it gives them better range of motion. should be good if i keep at using them
  7. the only internet know-it-all that was likeable
  8. no you couldnt drive to fort myers area from ocala area and back every night only day i sat on my ass was during the hurricane. i slept most of the day every other day im doing things all day here until 8pm. but thats wrapping up im pretty much settled in. ill get a job soon dog will have to rest i always wear her out before i leave for 8 hours
  9. yes they are offering like $25 an hour. but i couldnt leave my dog right now. i have 4 applications going out this morning. then 4 every other morning. actually cleaning up the entire place here all day. breaks for water and food
  10. i wonder how many books still let you tease games right when the lines come out. hated americasbookie for never allowing that
  11. i dont think it follows the online BJ obama 2 trump 1 biden/dem 2 desantis 1 ect and then finally a total police state by 2035ish. glimmers of hope every so often just like mybookie online BJ
  12. oil tycoon. drives 250 miles roundtrip daily for a $115 freeplay
  13. 51, Champaign, looking for work no job too small
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