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  1. dont worry she will be churned up and spit out at any time
  2. what i need is a guy to preach to me in 2026 and say "yeah that 1962 mooldy walls shack you think your getting. dont take it" among other things. thats already basically been said to me a few times
  3. lucky dudes if everyone hates their guts
  4. little wins oh i get this peanut. cant believe my luck
  5. i think it was pretty clear to b-wils first wife that she was living with a complete monster. after i think 2 months
  6. all they care about is money obviously. and some group sex porven too
  7. i think a new way to make money would be gay backpack porn. a guy slams another guy whos wearing only a backpack. should make some good cash getting that thing together
  8. Watson was still with the Texans when more than 20 women alleged he exposed himself, touched them or kissed them against their will during massage therapy sessions. One woman alleged that Watson forced her to have oral sex.
  9. yep its ridiculous. and its like a minute later too we are just in a world with 10,000 rules that silver spoons can use to get their desired outcome. sports doesnt even matter anymore anyways
  10. i think you are a winner. cause you are batsh1t nuts and seemingly made your own way but of course knowing you can fallback on papa would help a ton. anyways you are nuts but likley made good decisions mostly (as far as i know) not derailing any trains ect. still overall a winner and you arent a moron who thinks having a few drinks might work
  11. when i was 17 my mom was working so she had my dad take the family dog to the vet. she was pretty healthy. but for some reason he had her put down. with nobody ever getting a chance to say goodbye. cause hes a monster im doing the same thing in a few days. and thats the way it is cause Stone Kold said so
  12. the best ppl in the world is western europe. proven by scientists
  13. Miami +800 afc right now is that good? seems pretty good since allen is hurt. and as i said before goodell would love a miami SB
  14. many silver spoons with inheriance. i will get nothing likely my father wanted it that way he said so many times over 10 years. he made sure, also being drugged up by the state didnt help. love telling a doctor the symptoms of akathisia and they dont even tell you what it is. also telling them you cant stop drinking and they dont tell you why. all that fun stuff. fun times
  15. funny cause of 4 straight Christians went into a bar in Provincetown they would be destroyed. and likely swarmed for life by powerful gays
  16. kinger cheering on the import of young studs is funny. tradesman 3x better workers and 25x better looking lol
  17. life sentence of torture for you and your mom. kangaroo could kick someone
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