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  1. if the aces had a cute white 5'10 PG would be worth it
  2. guy looks like he would be the coolest guy ever. but really completely nutso
  3. eric 400,000 posts on the internet all time. never once about playing a sport. yet hes a well polished scout know-it-all with a real feel for things
  4. suprised this thread isnt bigger honestly. this seems like its for all the marbles
  5. but maybe since you would book that you will also fight me in florida someday?
  6. im not allowed to gamble anymore. but maybe FH or others could see some value thats a fair line
  7. diabler seemed pretty dumb but a good guy overall. know-it-all like brock but could certainly be trusted with the money but also he posted so much maybe he seemed dumber. and drunk a lot too. imagine being housepicks and peaking into ppl just to find out they are 100% hetero and good guys. that would be a good feeling. thats my theory on why HP liked hanklestein so much he was a troll but not a creep in real life
  8. that will be the look on my face in about 4 months when ive realized that my back will never be good again. even after doing everything perfect
  9. id make a small play at +405 that you are not on portugese soil on 8/28
  10. are you really leaving in less than 4 days? can you make a video at the airport?
  11. im pretty sure my back is fuked for life. will always be a problem. hurts after just walking around and working lighlty all day then im tense and DEWed. but i will be forced to work right away if i ever get to florida. so basically the most brutal torture you can do to someone
  12. im making this place into a cozy little place for the next guy. super safe neighborhood too. lucky couple will be here
  13. just poured all the alcohol out. have been up since 930 working. can i have some rest now. ill stretch my back plz and i still have to make dinner. plz
  14. and they could release a new strain at any time. whomever did it. or if china did it biden could release a new strain since he got good results. or vice versa
  15. AXL best combo of dumb but still a huge know-it-all. fascinating brain damage
  16. $6.50 thats right in mikemanns price range
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