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  1. IAG did you get my PM with that poker staking request? It's a sure thing let me tell you!
  2. I had half a pink grapefruit from wal-mart Ted
  3. Better ATTACK those $250 limits with the corn syndicate FISHHEAD
  4. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was great. Best comedy i've seen in years.
  5. Probably just prefers to have another man kneeling in the men's room urinal wasted potential on field
  6. 1st guy is #1 timeshare salesman in California look it up!
  7. Well it's a bad situation IAG. No point on piling on either of you for your mistakes. Hopefully plom makes it right. Eggs seems lost in his own dream world so i think that debt is gone like a fart in the wind.
  8. There's no point piling on what's done is done. It's not a white knight situation either. If someone is kind enough to lend you money when you need it you pay it back. Slow pay is better than no pay even if you don't have it all. Trying to avoid it is the worst so just be honest and get it done so it can go away. Eggs pay her too for that matter instead of embarrassing yourself at SBR.
  9. Even if you don't like his posting style or even him nobody can argue with the fact that he's a valuable intermediary if you have a problem with an offshore sportsbook. Where else are you going to go if you a have a problem - bitch tits lou @ sbr? That's without even factoring in the contests he runs etc. Come back boat!
  10. Nothing Kolzig posts is true. He just trolls the same just like he did back at SBR. Thought this was common knowledge. What is true is he's a small advantage player so he's got that going for him.
  11. Chickadee


    Agree with Deemer here. You won't be rolling in OIL MONEY unless you marry the right dame. HEADLINE SUCCESS! salud
  12. facebook not a good choice for teddy don't want those meth dealers seeing ted's profile pic when he's selling boosted chem lab equipment
  13. People will buy anything. List it under industrial equipment or building materials Specialized stuff will sell better on e-bay
  14. I will take the OVER for March 2018
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