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  1. NO -6' -110 Fun Fact: Saints have covered 18 straight in October.
  2. Four years removed and Obama still living in your head. Now that’s staying power!
  3. Melania keeps sending me donation requests but I've seen all the pics so why bother. On a side note, the War on Christmas is apparently coming from INSIDE the WH. Who knew???
  4. I know working for the Donald can be hazardous but this is scary. Let’s hope Brad gets the help he needs ... https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/police-seized-10-firearms-brad-parscale-committed-him-mental-health-n1241252 The wife of President Donald Trump's former campaign chief Brad Parscale feared he was suicidal and said she saw him load a gun before hearing "a loud bang" as she fled, police documents revealed on Monday. Parscale was tackled to the ground by SWAT officers when he didn't obey commands and was taken into custody under state guidelines allowing for an involuntary menta
  5. Don’t know about SU but ... How NFL teams that start 0-2 ATS perform in Week 3: Last 4 Seasons: 22-7 ATS (75.9%)Last 10 Seasons: 47-28 ATS (62.7%) Teams who are 0-2 ATS: Jets, Browns, Titans, Texans, Cowboys, Eagles, Lions, Vikings, Panthers
  6. Latest update: NYG 10 Bears 1 LAR 2 Philly 11 Det 11 GB 4 Car/TB Over 5-0 All/DAL Over 5-0
  7. Biggest differences so far (Post 62) NYG 8 Bears 0 LAR 1 Philly 9 Dallas Over 4-0 GB Over 4-0
  8. Hopefully they'll ignore them like the Reps do.
  9. Discover has interest free for 1 year. I have a 22K limit.
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