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  1. gotta pull hard for the orioles
  2. jets and under square teaser rice over bets Wilson under bets ( will get benched)
  3. young marching them down the field huge momentum drive
  4. horrible franchise 0-4! lol lol lol
  5. due to how they start in waves and majority of people take 4+ hrs. I bet 80% of people wouldn't finish until well after 12:00. I think we had a few die in some hot ones in Chicago a few years back
  6. yeah baby! here we go,! got the blessing mush kiss of life from broke star!
  7. palms are sweating. but I think they turn things around and get some big defense and special teams plays shock the world
  8. can we just give billy clinton a wing of the white house filled with teen refugee girls to pleasure him and In return he balances the budget again
  9. bodes well for USA world cup soccer teams in about 2042 and on!
  10. she's boosted his brand quite a bit. how will the fans take the inevitable break up though?
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