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  1. seemed like only 1.5 of the players were knuckleheads the former Penn State player being the only full blown knuckle head
  2. I watched about 3-4 episodes It was ok. but wasn't compelling. Haven't check back to watch the last episodes in over a month now. The football versions were much better IMO
  3. Chi_Archie

    Monday NBA

    warriors tonight
  4. Bryan Leonard still there? I remember he had a real nice streak to start MLB a couple years back come May i'll start listening to their youtube daily MLB stuff, get some good info and passes the time during workouts or walking the pups
  5. They need to relax their draconian measures gonna be a ton of stabbings very soon STOCKHOLM (AP) — Swedish police on Saturday dispersed hundreds of people who had gathered in central Stockholm to protest coronavirus restrictions set by the Swedish government.
  6. Haven't they HERD yet? Sweden has reported Europe’s highest number of new coronavirus cases per head over the past week and has more patients in intensive care than at any time since the pandemic’s first wave. The Scandinavian country, which has opted against strict lockdowns but gradually ratcheted up its still mostly voluntary restrictions, has recorded 625 new infections per million people in the past seven days, according to ourworldindata.org.
  7. sports prescription is still available it can attract lucrative advertisement deals from Rec Spec Kareem type goggles
  8. I caught a youtube show a week back, I think Dave had started out on quite a winning streak to start the season
  9. 80% chance that those that are vaccinated will be unable to have children on top of that 40% of males will never achieve an erection again FACTS
  10. Today more people will die of the vaccine, then all the mass shootings in the US in the past 50 years combined with drunk driving accident deaths over the same period time. Take a moment to call your loved ones if they are considering this poison and plead with them to abstain
  11. PA, and Ohio legislators are drafting laws for the need to show proof of vaccination to vote could catch on
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