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  1. Chi_Archie


    is President Trump back tweeting yet?
  2. Chi_Archie


    truth social better. trump won't take the bait
  3. false flag. odd timing. right after mid terms. they will lie to us that he is dead or finally say he is unfit to serve and hand the presidency over to Kamala , as planned
  4. I call a spot for sending a hundo to IAG since I already have her paypal somewhere
  5. that would apply more to millenials/gen x Gen Z is just coming to voting age now and IN college. think in terms of those born in 2000 and after.
  6. it's not me you have to disagree with. through many races. It's just numbers and facts.. https://time.com/6232272/generation-z-voters-midterm-elections/ Many were expecting a red wave to crash on Tuesday, Nov. 8—instead, an earthquake of young voters shook up the political world. The data is still coming in nationally, but from what we know, Gen Z-ers sustained their record-breaking 2018 turnout during the 2022 midterm elections, opting for Democratic House candidates by 25 points and limiting Republican gains. Voters under the age of 29 broke for Democrats and helped many win in battleground states. In the high-stakes Pennsylvania Senate race, which Democrats flipped by a three-point margin, Gen Z-ers supported John Fetterman by a 46-point margin
  7. Chi_Archie


    yeah I could pay 35k for some Bitcoin today and look at late 2021 Bitcoin prices and say it wasn't that bad. I don't think I'd be a smart investor though but it's just about free speech. so we just need to keep the lights on and people talking freely and that's a Win!
  8. Chi_Archie


    yeah I wasn't asking those questions to gawk at Elon's blunder. But to answer why you give a free lunch to employees that help you grow even if some of the years you lose $. yeah in the tech world the big bucks aren't made like sandwhich shop, charging per unit. you build build build at a loss until some whale comes along and pays 125% for public shares of which you own many many million. you and your start up friends and many of the free lunch employees make out like bandits. what did Dorsey clear? like 800 million from some idea years ago called Twtter and a eventually buying a the domain name twitter.com from someone? I hope Elon creates something big and awesome....uphill battle for sure though
  9. Chi_Archie


    what was it worth at the time?
  10. 40 yards from AJ Brown and you got an easy win! congrats
  11. yeah that clearly has a 1 for TD. 22.5 is correct 1 point per 10 yards rushing + receiving ( 160) + a half point for a reception + 6 for a TD
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