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  1. mcD's 9-12 Your response has been recorded In, thanks
  2. A one word response from a guy with 27,000 posts. You just earned 25 cents right?
  3. Just curious, because every forum has them: JJ Gold at SBR, Mofome at TGF and so on. What's the pay per day? Is there a minimum number of threads they need to start and a minimum number of posts each day? Surely it's not a secret that every forum hires prostitute posters, right?
  4. Vols horribly overrated ,much like poster Mofome.
  5. I would say no because Michigan was a 35 point favorite in that game. That upset, if not the most shocking, was in the top three of the biggest I have ever seen.
  6. Exactly. My recent checks from Bovada came faster than what Heritage and Bookmaker usually take.
  7. #8 Destin has a good shot to win at a price. Boxing 1-7-8 for exactas and tri's.
  8. 8-28 TGF Your response has been recorded. Thank you TGF, Boats and Super.
  9. Set a good win #, but not too good as we want a shot at beating it! Seriously, best of luck, LCD,
  10. "Breaking Bad" and "House", two of my favorites. It's like you know me.
  11. Thus the apology. Typically you don't apologize for appropriate comments.
  12. Not sure what got into me last night, but I was way out of line--especially in a FREE contest thread. You didn't deserve my ungrateful remarks, and I sincerely regret them. Hope you can forgive my inexcusable behavior. Regards, Hedge
  13. Let me keep it real, too. There's no good reason whatsoever you can't release everyone's picks after cutoff time. Doesn't matter whether it's a free contest or a sponsor contest, the picks should be shown to insure an honest contest. You were slow to release picks in the Las Vegas contests I paid to play in too. I used to think you were just lazy, now thinking something worse.
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