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  1. Was placed in a coma since Novemmmber 2020. What did I miss you silly lil nigs? Boy do I have a story. Let me get energy back. How is everone!
  2. Absolutely. I’m not into gory shit but I like me some BlamALamBam vids. Especially when on your daily travels. Legion,Arby’s, etc. etc.
  3. The cop didn’t blow the neighbor off. He knew the guy was right. But he can’t come right out and say it. Yeah you’re right he probably did kill her. They don’t do stuff like that. Watts was so fidgety the whole time. Cop probably knew ten minutes in he did it.
  4. Pretty good video that shows when the cops are first called to the house. How did this moron ever think he was getting away with this. Was shitting his pants the second the cops arrive.
  5. 90 minute documentary the guy that killed his wife and two babies in Colorado, and dumped the babies inside an oil tank. Very familiar with the case. Watched all the YouTube videos. This animal might be the most evil person ever. Kills the wife. Then grans the two young girl’s still alive. Dumps the wife on the floor of the backseat and puts the kids in the back. The whole while the kids are crying asking what’s wrong with Mommy. Gets to an oil site where he works. Smothers the two young kids, and dumps them in an oil tank. What a fucking animal.
  6. Yeah we’ll fucking see. You watch. It’s gonna be a loser. How I don’t know. But something weird will happen. I hate these fucking prop bets. They’re stupid.
  7. I guarantee this loses somehow. CleveLand will either go up by 35 and McCarthy will pull him, or Garrett will break his leg early 3rd.
  8. Snared a tremendous # 316.5 You’re dead to me if you fuck me on this play. Everytime I tail you, it’s a stone cold loser. Guy will probably break his leg on the first drive.
  9. No I mean team A -110 team B +112 win $2.42 if Team B is the winner and receive a free casserole dish.
  10. Holy smokes! God speed FH. DB a must for the -110 +112 bettors.
  11. Same here. Never bet a round Robin in my life. Tailed him opening day March Madness a few years ago. Got my shit pushed in bad. Haven’t bet a Round Robin since Nice hit BlamALamBam
  12. Let’s say Dak wakes up tomorrow and tests positive for the OL’ one niner. Refund? Is that bet action regardless if player appears? I’m seeing 318.5
  13. I would be top 3 to go first. Zero survival skills, combined with my advanced age.
  14. Agree. Here’s why. There was supposed to be a The Break Up 2, but Vaughn was banging that tight piece of ass during filming and for a short period after. When they broke up it put a wrench in the sequel. That’s why the ending was horrible.
  15. Speaking of talking sports heads that stayed too long. I will never ever ever forget Keith Jackson on the mic for the USC v Texas Natty. He retired a few years prior but for some reason case out of retirement to call this game. Ruined one of the all time great college football games. Guy didn’t even know where he was. Made 1000 errors. Kept calling the wrong score. It was an abomination.
  16. I could be wrong though. Just speaking from experience I had at one book. Played at Draftkings one time and that’s the way the free play was distributed.
  17. The free bets aren’t in one shot. You don’t deposit a $1000 and get a $500 free bet all at once. It’s misleading. You make your deposit, and every time you make a bet, and that bet is graded, they break you off a tiny free play. Rinse and repeat. And if you go bust, the free plays doled out are over. You don’t get anymore.
  18. Imagine Being this agitated over a fucking $42 bet. Hey Sleepy your entire day of action is less then I have on the Newcastle V Burnley game. Go jerk the cats off, f aggot. You’re running behind schedule.
  19. If one yearns for visual proof that Father Time is completely and utterly undefeated, one needs to look no further than the 1990-2013 version of Jennifer Aniston, and then take a look see at the 2020 version Jennifer Aniston. Truly one of the great American tragedies.
  20. Extremely, extremely, extremely underrated flick. Personally one of “The Runner’s” top ten all time favorites. One of the last movies Jennifer Aniston did where she was still a total piece of ass. 9.8 at time of filming, and now currently a 5.1 after hitting the OL’ wall.
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