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  1. That's Zalmaay Khalizad in the middle in Doha. He is the chief US representative "negotiating" with Taliban in Doha. No one is getting outed except for Biden(sort of).
  2. +300 available on bol. You have another year for her to file too.
  3. She seems to be homoflexible. Hope you are using protection.
  4. I had a similar run last year with bonus and I have made withdrawals. I was not aware of this rule. My limit was 200 for all bets and the system never allowed me to bet more even if the odds changed.
  5. Guys, chime in with your guesses: How much money ( trips, gifts, repairs etc) did Kinger spend because of that broad? $13,000? How many times did he get laid? 7 times?
  6. How close are you to selling your TGF stake to fund your addiction to this gold digger?
  7. How will fishhead counter this embarrassment? Another story of his village sports exploits?
  8. Pinnacle is also offering only Trump/Biden bets and both have to be nominees for their parties on election day for the bets to have action.
  9. I am not 100% sure but I remember seeing Trump/Biden market on BOL a few months back. He is still 1.04 on matchbook to be the nominee. Maybe betfair has better prices. EDIT: That market is still there but nobody will touch it now.
  10. It depends on the markets. All in bets are not cancelled. There would be some pissed off fucks if Trump drops out and their bets on Trump still stand.
  11. Kinger's beard matching his 300 ng/dL testosterone. Bookbraker needs to stop trimming the moustache too much. It's too thin compared with his beard. Otherwise, excellent work.
  12. evade

    Epstein Exposed

    But, so many slim, young women in Epstein's harem. Kinger may be getting paid by the grannies for sniffing their panties. How do you think he can afford his Ferrari lifestyle? being
  13. Now, fatties need a fucking prize to lose weight. What's the prize - fast food coupons?
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