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  1. Libs do not care, they are weak pussies that just need someone to tell them what to do.
  2. You troll more then anyone. Esp if you really mean it . Then well ...............
  3. After all those posts how you weren't gambling anymore ? WTF
  4. Great that's all the neighborhood needs, a hunger strike. 1st Chad and Betty, Now this.
  5. As long as Chad isn't calling ,you should be fine
  6. We could all only wish Trump was back. 6 months from now the fence liberals will be begging for Trump.
  7. Hmm Were you in that picture outside of bar
  8. All these libs would be bored as shyt. Raise only reason forum has any action
  9. Chad may start banging the gossip Bettys for payback. I see a new 20/20 episode Coming soon.
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