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  1. KOLZ, I figured out the perfect job for you pal. Get a job in the biden administration..... You would fit in PERFECT. Hell ,I bet you would be one of the best they have. Don't wait go apply for something BIG !
  2. kolz you should get a job at MSM this is the same click bait they use.
  3. Dam should have known it’s a libtard year. Early Voting how did I miss it. Stupid mayor in Baltimore picked him because he said he loves early voting
  4. And it starts to be reported. Exactly what Dr.Malone and other very intelligent Drs have been saying all along. Problem is everything is hush hush because of Big Pharma . Most Drs will not go against the big machine in fear of losing that 300-900k salary. So we get hints sugar coated More of the vaccinated, boosted winding up in NC's hospitals with COVID. Why? (msn.com)
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