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  1. Redstripe # 1 Arizona Redstripe # 2 Green Bay
  2. Benelli M-5 only way I roll
  3. And there is a investor
  4. Good atleast you will be rid of him...
  5. Zillow is the worst site to use . They are usually days behind others. Redfin is much more accurate on current listings etc.
  6. Just tell that guy you decided not to sell and thank him for his time.. Quick easy phone call
  7. Always wanted a storage rental.. Never looked into it enough. Nothing like making money while your sleeping
  8. Def not the time to buy now,, Sell yes and wait a year.
  9. I have never used a realtor . I have a good friend that is a title guy and a lawyer . Helps when buying or selling a property .. Just find a title guy easiest way to do a transaction and fast
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