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  1. She was one of the few players in tennis that you could always expect 110% effort from.
  2. Congrats Mike. I remember the days when you were power posting and waxing poetic daily about Mariota. I guess whoever is the Titan's starting QB will be the apple of your eye. That was a sweet win last week @KC, I thoroughly enjoy watching them lose.
  3. I'm sure he put in some live bets and ended up profiting lol
  4. looks like Brock is going to get his shit pushed in as usual lol The Bear on Gameday also likes MSU-14.5
  5. congrats on getting paid I have never trusted Betmania and that family of books, fukk them
  6. UCLA and every other LA team is dogshit.
  7. kansas is handing it over to Duke on a silver platter
  8. the chocolate plumper was a classic the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice
  9. yep, I'm guessing once this is posted at numerous forums they will have a sudden change of heart
  10. my guess is that they will eventually pay you good luck
  11. nice hit sleepy did not realize that you tailed thomorino
  12. Kitchens and Gase should both be canned, both were awful hires. I can't for the life of me understand how Gase keeps getting hired.
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