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  1. When guys empty their loads on top of his head.
  2. Wasn't that what he said was the first thing he was going to do if elected? Too busy hiring trans, blacks, and browns? Hire the the most qualified at their position! And get our cheques out Joe! 1400 x 5
  3. What kind of drugs made you homosexual?
  4. Let's all hope, Teddi included I'm sure, that the Modelo drinking over night house guests don't burn through their rubbers.
  5. Gotta be right? https://www.facebook.com/MotorRacingMedia247/videos/3823137314416160/
  6. Mrs. BB's present is gonna be late... Fukin Amazon! Coksuckers!
  7. Go crumble some modelo cans and hit the recycling center deadbeat.
  8. Lunch stella Dinner sapporro
  9. Just bought a car?
  10. It will be over a year out of the building. My oldest will be forced to stay virtual the rest of the year. Missed half her time in middle school. The elementary kids will go 2 days a week starting march 15th. Got to start somewhere, this is long overdue. Most teachers don't want in school education. Sad sad situation for kids Fukin' PA
  11. Starts a little slow but definatley picks up towards the end.
  12. Steel building. Much less expensive.
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